In Colorado, the water leaving the whole ranch

September 14, 2013. Severe flooding continues in the U.S., its victims are already 4 people. Rescuers evacuated hundreds of residents blocked flow of water in their homes. Thousands of people have fled their homes independently.

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Flooding in Colorado: Three people were killed

September 13, 2013. Order of the President of the American state of emergency was introduced in the state of Colorado, where strong rains caused flooding. During the day, several thousand people were evacuated, according to the three victims.

Incessant rains for several days resulted in the flooding of rivers and immediately several mudslides, according to TV channel CBS. On the eve of the authorities of some central cities of the state where the raging elements, decided to evacuate the residents — more than five thousand people. According to Interfax, the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder left 400 students.

Floods triggered landslides and floods, causing many highways were blocked. Emergency services staff reported that the floods killed three people.

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Very heavy rainfall in the western U.S.

September 14, 2013. As we reported earlier, the U.S. state of Colorado is poured rain. According to updated information for fifteen hours, from 18:00 pm Wednesday until 12:00 Thursday local time in Denver has dropped 183 mm of rainfall, while the previous daily maximum, recorded July 31, 1919, was 122 mm, and the total annual amount of precipitation does not exceed 381 mm.

In Boulder rain began early in the morning and continued throughout the day. According to radar monitoring per hour dropped out to 25 mm of rain. The rapid flow of water and roads and blocked traffic. In the state of emergency is declared.

Atmospheric situation shaped Pacific cyclone, which could not be shifted to the east because of a blocking anticyclone over the north-western United States and south-west of Canada. Air flows were directed to the south-west to north-east and the Pacific contributed to the removal of moisture into the United States. The situation aggravated sedentary contrasting front, in the area which have developed and powerful storm cluster.

In general, formed a classic scenario for the growing flood the western United States. A few hours later, the weather system brought up to 99 mm of rain in Kansas, and a little earlier to 76 mm recorded in New Mexico.

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Floods in Colorado: four dead, 172 missing

September 14. Up to four people, the number of flood victims in the state of Colorado. 172 unaccounted for.

The body of the fourth victim was found in Boulder County. Rescuers are extremely difficult to reach people in remote, mountainous terrain lost in the settlements: the way there washed away. From the outside world were cut off two thousand inhabitants of the city of Lyons.

The city of Boulder evacuated more than four thousand people, "I've never seen the water washed away everything in its path — says local resident — It's hard to believe that relatively little affected. I'm afraid that losses will be astronomical. "

On the eve of the U.S. President declared a state of Colorado in state of emergency. This will allow local authorities to bring to the flood relief National Guard will give more powers at evacuation and distribution of aid to the needy.

Currently, delivery of humanitarian supplies to flooded areas by air.

According to experts, the current disaster comparable in scale only to the flood of 1976. Then, almost 150 residents of Boulder died, the damage was $ 85 million.

According to weather forecasts, heavy rain in Colorado will continue for several more days.

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