In early 2013, the crisis is expected to uranium

In early 2013, the crisis is expected uranium Facts

In 2010, produced 53.5 million kilograms of uranium, and spent 86.1 million pounds. According to the president of the company, "Drolet-Energo" Thomas Drolet, by 2016, the uranium reserves in the world significantly diminished. Lack of this mineral will be felt significantly in 2013, according to the resource

It is assumed that even the introduction of new technologies and resources will not be enough to make up for the lack of uranium. For countries such as China and the United States, whose growth rates are largely dependent on the production of nuclear energy, the similar situation with uranium can cause recession.

Fig. 2. Schedule of production and consumption of uranium.

Uranium prices have increased from $ 45 per pound in mid-2010 to $ 70 or more at the beginning of 2011, leading uranium companies rushed to invest in the purchase of raw materials. In 2010, the world had to be 65 000 tonnes of uranium to supply 433 energoreaktorov working, although it produced only 53,663 tons, 10,600 tons of the missing were taken by upgrading the agreement between the U.S. and Russia. Existing reactors will soon join 62 now under construction, 156 in the planning stages and a possible power complex 343, which means that the consumption of uranium is not reduced. Although Japan has closed almost all the 50 nuclear reactors after the Fukushima tragedy, it is estimated that 30 of them working again, so that the country has not played out the economic crisis.

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