In Europe, because of the cold weather people are still dying

In Europe, because of the cold weather people are still dying Natural Disasters

In the period from January 1 to February 13, 2012 in Russia, where the average temperature was 7-14 degrees below normal, died from hypothermia 215 people, 5546 people suffered from various degrees of frostbite. Last day is the lowest temperature at -52,8 ° C was recorded in the north of the Russian republic of Sakha in Toko.

February 12th the thermometer in the Georgian capital dropped to -10 ° C. The reported two dead homeless. In order to maintain this segment of the population in Tbilisi and in other European cities organized free temporary shelter and utensils with hot food.

In southern Romania continued snowfall hampered traffic on the roads, canceled 300 railway routes, and the death toll has risen to the top of the week up to 74 people. In neighboring Bulgaria in late January died from cold and drowned 47 people.

The Western Balkans because of the harsh weather conditions 56 people died. In Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the weight of fallen snow roof broke the Olympic Sports Centre. Fortunately there were no injuries.

Over the past two weeks the number of dead from hypothermia in Ukraine made 135 people in Poland, 82 and 45 in Italy. The total number of victims of abnormal cold and snow of winter 2012 in Europe more than 600 people. The only consolation in this situation could be weather forecasts that in the last week of February, the temperature returns to normal and soon in Europe come spring.

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