In Europe, recognized the flood disaster, count the dead

June 2, 2013. Torrential rains caused catastrophic situation in Europe. Reported dead and three missing in the Czech Republic, who died and the two disappeared in Austria and two men, whose fate is unknown in Germany.

In Prague, closed eight metro stations. Total flood has damaged 51 Prague subway station.

The river Vltava arrives faster than expected Czech rescue services. In 40 cities across the country have already declared a state of emergency.

A special meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Czech Republic will begin at 20:00 MSK. Will discuss with the army to the civilian population. In turn, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared readiness to send troops to areas of flooding in Bavaria and Saxony.

Earlier, authorities began evacuating the population of Prague in some areas of the Czech capital due to a sharp rise in the water level in the river Vltava. At this point the river flows 1,510 cubic meters of water per second, while the boundary of the third level of danger is 1500 cubic meters per second. Local authorities urged residents and tourists on Monday to avoid traveling to the capital of the Czech Republic.

Source: Rosbalt


Flooding threatens six districts south-west Poland

June 2, 2013. Water on Sunday exceeded the critical level of 23 reservoirs Dolnoshlenskogo province of Poland, bordering the Czech Republic is experiencing a flood, said the Crisis Management Group of the Polish region.

More on the 25th and reservoirs due to heavy rains mentioned above the normal water level and its further growth. In this regard, the authorities 11 rural province announced the alarm.

The most difficult was the situation in Kamen Gora and the surrounding area, where the critical level is exceeded by one meter. On the morning of the fire service received 60 calls on the population due to the flooding. Closed several streets. 26 city fire brigade to reinforce the shaft Beaver River. Also, the water level is exceeded in the cities of Bogatynia and Jelenia Gora.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists across the region on Sunday evening rains again. On some rivers, such as the Beaver, KIPO and Lusatian Nisa water level can rise to 1-1.5 meters above the critical level.

In the Czech Republic, in the meantime, the flood has already begun. Third, the highest flood level of the threat, has already been announced in 40 cities of the Czech Republic. In Prague, the evacuation of people from flooded areas. In the central regions of the Czech Republic rains do not stop, the water level in the rivers continued to rise.

Source: RIA Novosti


In Prague metro flood rescue and prepare for the worst

June 2, 2013. The Czech authorities have decided to close eight of Prague metro stations to save subway from flooding. Livni continues, in the city center spetsbarery installed to protect the center of the city from the water.

Source: Lead

Found the body of the second victim because of flooding in the Czech Republic

June 2, 2013. Czech rescuers on Sunday in the village near Prague Trzhebenitse found in the house come crashing down because of flooding dead man, who became the second victim of floods this year, according to the Czech news agency CTK, citing the press-secretary of the local police Zdenek Chalupa.

"The rescue operation in the flood zone passes in difficult conditions, as the houses swim only by boat," — said Chalupa.

The first victim of the floods in the Czech Republic was a woman, also found in Trzhebenitse under the rubble of a collapsed house. As reported by Czech media, Rescue the second day looking for three of his employees missing in the delivery of care.

When the rescue of citizens rescuers are also using helicopters. Third, the highest flood level of the threat, has already been announced in 50 cities of the Czech Republic. In Prague, the evacuation of people from flooded areas. In the central regions of the Czech Republic rains do not stop, the water level in the rivers continued to rise.

Source: RIA Novosti


Flooding in Austria, has resulted in casualties, hundreds evacuated

June 2, 2013. One person was killed and two were missing on Sunday as a result of severe flooding in the western and central parts of Austria, caused by prolonged heavy rains, according to the Austrian news agency APA.

Hundreds of residents evacuated, thousands are involved in flood relief. Rail and road links to the West of the country is difficult. After lunch on Sunday halted rail traffic through Salzburg, which is an important international railway hub, APA reports.

In the town of St. Johann im Pongau landslide washed away three people around noon on Sunday. One of them — 62-year-old farmer — was soon found dead. Rather, he died on the spot, the agency said citing police and rescue workers. In the same area the car was in the flow of mud and stones, but the driver was saved.

Across the country mobilized volunteer fire brigades and rescue workers. In Salzburg to flood relief brought the armed forces. At the same time, the Red Cross sends aid Salzburg in neighboring Bavaria, is also affected by flood.

Flooding has affected most Austrian Länder Vorarlberg in the far west of the country, the valleys of the Tyrol, Salzburg and Upper Austria. In Lower Austria and Vienna put on high readiness for flood hazard. Evakuktsii made in the areas of Oberdorf, Kuttsbyuelya and Kufstein, Gmunden, in other places.

Observers fear that if the rain does not stop, the situation could repeat the disastrous flood of 2002. "The situation is becoming increasingly tense. On the Danube we get closer to the level of 2002, "- quoted by the Minister of Lower Austria Stefan Pernkopfa.

Source: RIA Novosti


Passau Germany prepares for a new "centennial flood"

June 2, 2013. Located on the Danube German city of Passau (Bavaria land) is preparing for what the current flooding will become more powerful than what happened in 2002, "a century-old flood", the water level can rise up to 11 meters, said Lord Mayor of the city Jurgen Dupper (Jurgen Dupper) , as quoted by the German media.

On Sunday night, the level of the Danube in Passau exceeded 8.5 meters, the water keeps coming. The town was declared an emergency alarm. Some areas of the historic part of the city were flooded. The video, which shows the German TV channels, it is clear that in some places the water reached the center of the ground floors of buildings.

During the severe flooding that occurred in Europe in August 2002 and was the largest in the last 100 years, the water level in the Danube near Passau raised to a mark of 10.81 meters.

According Duppera, the city has asked the federal government to help the Bundeswehr combat the elements. The first units to arrive in Passau during the day. The readiness to send soldiers of the Bundeswehr in the zone of floods in Bavaria and Saxony previously reported German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Lord Mayor also appealed to the parents of students with a request on Monday to leave the kids at home. All schools will be closed on this day.

Heavy rains coming in Germany a few days, have led to flooding in some areas. From the elements most affected Saxony, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. In the district of Tübingen (Baden-Württemberg) were missing two people.

As reported in his microblog on Twitter famous German meteorologist Dominik Jung (Dominik Jung), the water in Bavaria and Saxony will recede slowly, and local authorities will have to contend with the elements for the next week.

Source: RIA Novosti

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