In Europe, the summer will not come even with the arrival of June

Paris, France, May 30, 2013 © Stephane Mahe | Reuters

June 1, 2013. Over the past few weeks, the cold rain is the most common weather phenomenon in Europe. Thanks to the slow-moving area of low pressure, it rains almost every day, sometimes heavy, in the mountains with wet snow and the temperature is more consistent with the April values.

In Paris, for all of May there were only two days with temperatures above 20. In the British Isles was the coldest spring since 1979.

River overflowing, soil refuses to take any extra moisture. German meteorologists say the highest level of waterlogged soil in 50 years. Because of the lack of sun and low temperatures, farmers complain of poor harvest.

Meanwhile, over Central Europe circling another deep cyclone. The German Weather Service predicts heavy rain with rainfall of 40 to 70 mm for 12 and 24 hours.

In the mountains of southern Bavaria good chance of sleet. The same meteorologists warn their fellow citizens of Austria and Switzerland. We can not exclude exotic for this time of solid precipitation in Northern Italy.

Blocking anticyclone broke the usual circulation of the atmosphere. Through Iceland to Europe spreads the cold air from Greenland. In this case, Russia and Scandinavia removal of heat from the Mediterranean.

It turns out that in Finland the temperature reaches 30, and in Spain does not exceed 10. It happens. It's like a giant sine wave: somewhere hot and cold at the same time somewhere.

In general, in Europe it is summer starts in autumn.

Source: News Gismeteo

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