In Kamchatka volcano awoke

In Kamchatka volcano awoke Danger Zone

The Kamchatka Peninsula and the North Kuril Islands is marked increase in seismic activity. Especially dangerous is the volcano Nameless, which has awarded the highest "red" code of danger. Seismologists believe that the eruption could begin at any time.

The volcano is located at 55 ° 58'N, 160 ° 36'E, its height is 2.895 meters above sea level. Nameless is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the modern world. Its seismic activity started to progress in the middle of February. To date, the lava dome in the crater of the volcano rose so much that in the near future is possible ejection of ash up to 13 km. According to satellite data, the size and brightness of the thermal anomaly of the volcano has increased dramatically. However, so far above the top of the ash was observed.

If an eruption does happen, it is very difficult to move the international and local air transport over Kamchatka, experts say.

In the history of Bezymyannyi has several major eruptions. In 1955, the first documented large-scale eruption, after which the total amount of gases emitted by more than 3 km 3. Immediately after the eruption has been continued growth of the new lava dome. In the period from 1965 to 2011gody on Nameless recorded 42 eruptions of different strength. While 20 of them ash column reached a height of 10-15 km. The last eruption dates back to April 13, 2011.

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