In Kiev, a state of emergency

In Kiev, a state of emergency Weather and Climate

The head of the city administration in Kiev was officially announced a state of emergency in the Ukrainian capital. This decision was made due to the deteriorating weather conditions, prolonged snowfall and cold snap. According to the management of the city, dramatically change the weather can seriously damage the economy of the capital and is threatening to residents of Kiev.

Declared a state of emergency will allow, if necessary, seek help from entities that are not subject to the municipal authorities. In connection with the decision by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Defence mobilized construction companies and industrial enterprises to provide services for removal of snow from Kiev.
At the ministerial level also organized volunteer work of students and secondary school students in cleaning snow. For such a universal cleaning city was obliged, as a few days turned into a snowy Kiev fortress. The mayor of the city encourages motorists to give up on the possibility of movement on personal computers and not to neglect the rules of parking. This will help avoid accidents and traffic congestion at the time when the Ukrainian roads will work hard snow removal equipment.

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