In Lake Tahoe caught a goldfish — Monster


In the depths of Lake Tahoe in California (USA) have found a new amazing view — a giant goldfish. In search of invasive species (accidentally listed humans), scientists have found in this lake goldfish two feet in length and weighing two pounds.




"During the investigation we found the Lake District, which is home to 15 other individuals of this species, — the expert of the University of Nevada Sudip Chandra. — It seems that at this point they were going to pack and spawned. " The appearance of these fish in the lake are highly concerned about the scientist, as they intervene in the ecosystem. These goldfish are likely to fall into the lake from private aquariums.

It is unclear whether the fish caught in the lake, as adults or during development. However, even small birds can greatly affect the nature of the lake.
Goldfish — are not the only instances of invasive species of Lake Tahoe. According to Chandra, the new species can not only eat fish, grown up here, but also release substances that cause algal blooms, which significantly pollute the lake. Recently, the owners of aquarium fish are often thrown out of their "pets" in the sewers or natural waters, causing significant damage to nature. Because of these negligent owners of the lake the U.S. and other countries regularly "replenished" new invasive species.

The exact number of people on Disposal of fish, of course, unknown, but scientists know for sure that some fish are in no way could be in these lakes naturally. According to scientists, more than 50% of the owners of fish confessed that threw their aquarium fish.

Invasive fish may also appear in an unnatural habitat for them as a result of artificial breeding, live bait, and together with the ships of the long voyage. Only the eastern coast of the United States there are more than 11 million 102 invasive fish species.

Among the "guests" can find tropical fish, algae and snails. One of the most dangerous species of marine algae Kaulerpa emits toxic substance lethal to other fish, which is why in 2000 it was destroyed in a pool of Southern California.

Scientists warn that the owners of aquariums need to be careful when they get rid of annoying or dangerous species of fish and other animals. Rather than throw living beings, you just need to contact the experts who help citizens get rid of unwanted of wildlife.

So why is it that people throw away their fish? Most likely, because of the size and aggressiveness, experts believe.


Translation Sergei Vasilenkova

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