In Madagascar, a tropical cyclone is approaching

In Madagascar, a tropical cyclone is approaching Natural Disasters

Tropical Cyclone Giovanna is located 468 km north-east of the island of Port Louis and Reunion and moving in a south-west to the east coast of Madagascar and further along the Mozambique Channel. As you approach the island in a cyclone will develop wind speeds of over 190 km / h with gusts up to 210 km / h Giovanna will bring heavy rainfall and high waves up to 7.3 meters in height, posing danger to coastal residents.

Fig. 1. Giovanna cyclone track.

Fig. 2. Radar image of rainfall.

Last day thanks to the warm waters of the ocean and the wind blowing evenly cyclone intensified considerably. The weakening of the tropical system is expected only after it reaches the coast of Madagascar in the evening or in the morning on February 13 February 14. Effect of expected rainfall brought by Giovanna can be compared to heavy rains in the period of the cyclone Funso.

Fig. 3. The last satellite image of Giovanna. 11.02.2012.

Fig. 4. Location Tropical Cyclone Giovanna (left) and Jasmine (right).

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