In Romania, for the first time in the history of the October snow fell

October 3, 2013. For the first time since 1929 in Romania, winter is coming so early — at the beginning of October. Moreover, marked the beginning of winter here long thick snow storms with gusty winds and strong snow cover. Blizzards were so severe that, in the five areas of the country even had to declare a "yellow" code of danger, and the wind speed in high Carpathians reached 100 km / h

The consequences of the October snowstorms in the Romanian cities can be seen with the naked eye, hundreds of fallen under the weight of snow and under the pressure of the wind trees sagging wires of power lines and debris on the roads. The train service on the route Bucharest-Brasov has been suspended due to bad weather more than 10 hours, the passengers had to wait for the resumption of the 13 trains at stations. The trains could run only after the elimination of the obstruction, dangling electrical wires for trains.

In Brasovskom, Prachovské, Sibiuskom, Vrancheyskom Hargitskom areas and the depth of the snow layer is 40 cm to this turn of events was not ready either a local driver, so there were a number of accidents, and rescue workers had to be evacuated from skidding bus carrying students. Several roads remain neproezzhabelnymi, including the relocation of Campulung to Brasov, fog greatly reduces visibility. Part of the settlements of Transylvania are not only without electricity, but no water. Moldovan neighbors also came under the influence of blizzards, snow fell there in 4 counties.


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