IN RUSSIA invented a new way MODERNIZATION AK-74

IN RUSSIA invented a new way MODERNIZATION AK-74
Russian Armed Forces will receive kits for self-upgrading AK-74, told reporters on Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.
«(Developer) in 3 versions will feature versions that will not alter the existing instrument in the Armed Forces and bring kits for retrofitting machines already in the parts» — said Rogozin.
According to him, this is a common assembly, unwanted items are discarded and new parts installed. «Automatic goes practically new class» — said Deputy Prime Minister.
According to Rogozin, the first of October, he implies show Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev modified AK-74.
«It’s comfortable and highly reliable instrument. The problem was one thing — that it was not a decent sight, laser pointer and the thermal sight, «- he said.
Previously, Dr. Victor Academy of Military Sciences Korablin told to RIA Novosti said that the need for the transition of the Russian army on a fundamentally new types of small tools from recognizable in the world «Kalashnikovs» (AK-74) is not, we can talk about their upgrade to the AK-74M. He also noted that the existing armed with AK-74 can be upgraded conventional installation rails for optical and electro-optical sights that will greatly enhance the accuracy, adding that the Defense Ministry refuses to get an upgraded version of the AK-74M, manufactured by the «Izhmash» ;.
The expert recalled that apart from the sight leaf upgraded machine has other important features, such as, for example, a folding plastic butt, structural strength of a number of parts as a new grenade launcher GP-34.

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