In Russia will introduce biochips for disease diagnosis



Minzrav Development Program develops innovative medical technologies. By May 1, Russian Ministry of Health shall establish the Federal Target Program (FTP) for the development of innovative medical technology.

Such an order, according to the government website, the agency gave the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich at a recent meeting of the working group on the establishment of biotechnology.

The report highlights the meeting, which was agreed in principle on the state support the introduction of new "diagnostic tools based biosensors and biochips." As experts explain, it comes to electronic devices containing biomolecules (nucleic acid).

In particular, they are now being used on the meter — a device for measuring blood sugar level. Also, there are already biosensors for the detection of cancer and infectious diseases.

As expected, the Ministry of Health will determine the need for such devices in the future specifies under what conditions and in what cases they can be used to determine the condition of the patients.

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