In Texas, an explosion at a chemical plant killed 60 to 70 people

The powerful blast at a chemical plant in the West (Texas), killing 60 to 70 people. It is reported by television station KWTX, citing the head of the ambulance.

Message about the explosion at the plant received about 19:50 local time. Immediately after the explosion of ammonia at the plant started a fire that spread to neighboring nursing home and school.

The guests were in the nursing home "fire trap", which were able to get out, not all. Police officers, rescue workers and doctors are left to eliminate the consequences of the tragedy involved in the hospitalization of the injured six firefighters helicopters.

The number of victims is several hundred people, most injuries — shrapnel. The blast wave was felt within a radius of 15 km, the city destroyed about 70 homes.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is aware of the incident and the person in control. Local TV West asks residents to stay away from the area of the explosion.

According to the statements of local residents, rescue workers were in no hurry to help, fearing that the attack occurred at the plant and the explosion followed by another. What was the cause of the tragedy is not yet known.

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