In the German milk found deadly toxins. In the Netherlands found a poisonous milk


In the German milk found toksiny.V deadly poisonous milk Netherlands found

Just today, we published an article: Rosselkhoznadzor said that milk from the United States is dangerous and that new facts about milk … The Ministry of the Environment of North Rhine-Westphalia reported that the number of rural households in the region of Germany in the milk discovered toxic substances — the so-called aflatoxin, produced by microscopic fungi.

On one of the dairy industry in the region Hochsauerland maximum allowable rate content in the milk of such substances that contribute to the emergence of cancer, has been exceeded by half. Now it turns out, has got a contaminated products on store shelves. On the supply temporarily banned.

The toxins in milk were also found in the farms and in the cities of Borken Wesel, although their content and does not exceed the permissible limits there. Statewide Department of Agriculture based on the fact that the reason for entering into the production of harmful substances has become fodder corn, contaminated carcinogenic mold that came to Germany from Serbia — ITAR-TASS.

About a week ago, the Department of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture Germany reported that farmers in the state of Lower Saxony fell 10,000 tons of contaminated carcinogenic mold of corn. The ban on meat and milk from the region was lifted only on Tuesday after the agricultural production today has been found to be safe for the public.
On several Dutch farms in the milk discovered deadly poison — aflatoksin.Etot poison is a strong carcinogen, which produce some types of mold. However, the organization of the dairy industry Netherlands assured that contaminated milk from these farms did not get on the shelves of stores Dutch

As reported by the Netherlands Organization of the dairy industry, with almost 98% of Dutch dairy farms and nine thousand people employed in this sector workers, contaminated milk found on two farms. According to experts, the danger has not got milk on the shelves of Dutch shops.

"I believe that the Democratic Party is an attempt to destabilize and overthrow the government, using the most sensitive issue of public health," — said the Minister of Agriculture Goran Knezevic, defiantly in front of television cameras drunk several glasses of milk.

However, as a result of Serbia still had to go to a similar prohibition against Montenegro.

Discovered in Serbian milk aflatoxin M1 — is, in principle, is really a carcinogen, but only in very large quantities. Contained the same concentration can cause instant poisoning.

Two years ago, allowed rate was 0.5 micrograms per kilogram, but then moved to Serbia with EU standards, and South Africa — 0.05 micrograms per kilogram. In the rest of the world, including the U.S. and Russia still permitted concentration of 0.5, which is safe for consumption. Situation, "Voice of Russia" commented the director of the Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology (Belgrade) Spring-Matecaña Sverak.

— Why the EU has tightened the rules?

— For political and economic reasons. Brussels wants protection from imports, primarily of U.S. corn, which has been an increased level of aflatoxin B1. This material in the liver in livestock turning aflatoxin M1, which is then detected in the milk, in a higher concentration than that provided by European standards.

— So, pet food exported to Germany, in theory, should not be dangerous?

— No, because they are under constant supervision, which is now enhanced to twenty times. The same applies to milk Serbian farms.

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