In the Midwest United States managed to capture a rare lightning-sprite

June 5, 2013. A rare atmospheric phenomenon, lightning-sprite or special lightning occurring in the mesosphere and the thermosphere at an altitude of 50-90 km, the camera managed to shoot one of the photographers of the U.S. state of Iowa.

As it turned out, the photographer decided to spend the night from May 31 to June 1, 2013 in nature and try to take pictures of the rising sun. But he was much more fortunate, as he managed to take a picture of not only the Auror, but also for the history of mankind to leave the image of the rarest species of lightning — the so-called sprites. Getting ready to shoot the sky, Mike Holingshed seen through the lens yellow-red haze that emits light. At the same time, on the horizon lightning storm, which spawned several sprites, usually occurring during thunderstorms.

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Distinct pictures of lightning sprites in the world there is very little. Pictures photographer from Iowa can even lay claim to being the first color photo images of high quality and resolution, who saw the world ever. The photographs featured, along with sprites and dawn, who so wanted to make a photographer.

The first appearance of the sprite image dates back to 1989, and the first color photograph appeared in 1994, but its quality was not as striking as what we have now.

Full-sized cropped fragment.

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