In the Mozambique Channel formed cyclone Irina

In the Mozambique Channel formed cyclone Irina Natural Disasters

Tropical cyclone named Irina (14S), moving to the west of Cape St. Andre, gaining strength in the Mozambique Channel, despite the obstacle of opposing vertical air flow. Shopping center is about 500 km north-west of the capital of Madagascar. Velocity of the cyclone is 63 km / h It is predicted that on March 3-4, Irina hit north of Maputo, capital of Mozambique, the first category of the hurricane hazard.

Rate of vertical flow of air over the central region of the circulation is 35-45 km / h, but on the satellite image is clearly visible region of formation of oppositely directed flow from the equator. Despite the lack of humidity over the center and southwest of the Mozambique Channel, Irene continues to grow due to the warm surface water temperatures (28-29 ° C).

As can be seen from a satellite center of the cyclone takes a more clean-cut and compacted. Promotion of the shopping center in the northern side of the Mozambique contributes anticyclone located along 30 ° S

In Mozambique, for the passage of a cyclone declared an orange alert. It is estimated that the approximation may be affected by Irina 470,000 people. Another 13,000 who live in the coastal zone of 5 meters below sea level, are potential victims of floods, triggered by rains or coastal wave, lifted by the wind.

Irina cyclone movement

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