In the new series, The Bible Satan happened to be similar to Obama


The audience of the new television series "The Bible", which was released recently on Channel The History Channel, found a surprising similarity of the image of Satan in the series with the current U.S. President Barack Obama.


This mini-series was a surprise hit, gathered at the TV screens in the last week of more than 13 million viewers. Just then, and was shown the third series of the show titled "Hope", in which the actor plays a Moroccan Mehdi Uazanni. It dealt with the wicked city of Babylon, his bloody tyrant king, Nebuchadnezzar, thrown to the lions of the biblical Daniel, and of the Virgin Mary, Christ become pregnant by immaculate conception.

But the audience did not seem concerned about biblical scenes and portrait similarity actor who played Satan with U.S. President Barack Obama.

The news of "Obama in the TV series" lightning spread through social networks. But first noticed the remarkable similarity of the commentator and radio host Glenn Beck.



So much so, that the channel was forced to officially react to what is happening, saying that its management and employees nourish "extremely profound respect" for the President of the United States. Random is the similarity of the actor playing Satan, and President Obama called a "failure," according to The Telegraph.

Program director of the Channel Mark Burnett noted that any such comparisons are "utter nonsense" and actor Mehdi Uazanni and used to play the devil in various productions, even before Barack Obama was elected U.S. president.

In particular, Uazanni appeared in several TV projects on the Bible, including the 1998 TV movie "Jeremiah," a mini-series in 2000, "In the Beginning" and the TV series "The Ten Commandments", shown on ABC.

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