In the next world, too full of life



As such it is difficult to believe, but true. The author of these lines was also rather skeptical — not yet witnessed such a contact with the world beyond the grave in St. Petersburg.

And one more important piece of advice. Do not rush yourself to try to go to the contact with the other world, using modern technology, it is still destiny of the few scientists. Trust me, the pressure on unprepared for such contacts psyche is very great! Maybe you just go to church, light a candle and pray for the peace of the departed to the other world of friends and relatives? Be comforted that the soul is immortal. And parting with dear to you people departed and the other world, only temporary.


The first contact address — that is coupled with a specific person, departed to the other world — has become a radio bridge established family Svitneva St. Petersburg.

Their son Dmitry crashed into a car accident, but her parents found a way to re-hear the way they vote. Candidate of Technical Sciences Vadim Svitnev and colleagues RAITK using a specially designed computer equipment and make connections with other world. And the questions of his father and mother said it was Mitya! Buried their son replied from the world: "We all live with the Lord!"

This amazing two-way contact lasts more than a year. Parents record all conversations in electronic form — for more than three thousand files and answer their questions. The information that comes from the other world, awesome, much goes against our traditional ideas about the afterlife.

I asked a few questions to Natasha and Vadim Svitneva, parents Mitya. Here are their answers.

— For what exactly phrases, facts, intonation you identify the interlocutor of the Otherworld?

— Do not you recognize the voice of your child from the billions of others? In any voice is peculiar to his intonation, shades. Our Mitya distinctive, recognizable voice — very soft, penetrating to the heart. As we have demonstrated with Mitin voice recording to his friends, the ones asked when they were produced, being absolutely sure that it was done before the tragic event, interrupted the Mitin life. We are dealing with a very large number of people from the other side. In conversations, they seem to us by name. Among Mitya's friends have Fedor, Sergei, Stae, Sasha, somehow mention Andrew. A very Mitya friends on the other side is sometimes called by his "nick" on the Internet, which he had chosen long-MYTYA, mirroring the name Mitya. Welcomed to contact Vadim and his colleagues. For example, one switched to the "other side" of the leaders in the service of Vadim made contact with compliments: "Vadyusha, I congratulate you on the Day of the Navy!" And to the question: "Who am I speaking?" the answer was: "Yes, I Gruzdiev." Moreover, except for the man, no one has ever called Vadim "Vadyusha." And sometimes refer to Natasha for her maiden name Titlyano Islands, calling it a joke Titlyashki-tion, Titlyandiey.

— How does it look from there what is happening on Earth?

— From the other world to this question should be answered as follows: "Your life — a huge anthill. You constantly make yourself sick. On Earth, you are in a dream."

— Is it possible to predict from the Otherworld some events?

— Events, remote in time from the present, from the afterlife are seen less clearly than nearby. It was a lot of predictive or proactive event messages, such as warning about the gangster attack on the boy next door in the three months to the incident.

— What are the needs of a person are stored in a different world? For example, physiological — to breathe, eat, drink and sleep?

— What about the needs, everything is very simple: "I am fully alive. Mitya old." "We have a busy time, we have three months of almost no sleep."

Once Mitya said at a session of communication: "Now, Mom, listen carefully," and I heard him sigh. He breathed carefully loud so I could hear him breathing. These were real, normal breaths of a living person. They tell us that they had no time to eat there — a lot of the work.


— As far as there remain related contacts?

— Mitya often tells me about my mother — my grandmother, she was there, and my mother, like my father, too, repeatedly attended the contacts. And when I started to really yearn for my mother, Mitya invited her, and since she is Ukrainian by birth, then spoke to me in a pure Ukrainian language. Vadim also talked with my mom. Of course, family ties remain.

— How do they live and where they live — whether city, village?

— Mitya told us that he lives in the village and even explained how to find him. And on one of our best contacts sounded his address when he was summoned to the link: "Forest street, north."

— Date care of each of us is predetermined or not?

— The date of withdrawal during our contacts no speech. We are always being reminded of the fact that we are immortal, "You're always in our eyes"

— Were there any clues from the world in the everyday things?

— Once at the contact Vadim said that in his pocket is 36 rubles. Vadim checked and made sure was surprised — exactly 36 rubles.

Egor, our youngest son, was repairing a bicycle and could not determine fault, and Vadim at the time held a session. Vadim suddenly turns to Yegor and says, "Mitya said that you have a broken axle." This was confirmed.

— Is there any animals in the afterlife?

— And such was the case: the guys from the other side brought the dog to the session. We have heard and recorded the barking.


— Can I get back from the dead?

— You can go back. Overcoming the barrier separating us to "live" and "dead" — that the subject of many of our contacts. "Go Toward the Light." "There is a powerful technique." "It is incomprehensible to the uninitiated." "We are definitely going to live together. Families will complete."

"You broke my coffin." "I will come to you." "We wake up humanity." "Youth of the returns." "At the time, the music will discover the Most High."

— Why is contact with loved ones come only unit?

— In contact always involves two parties. We must believe in themselves, to make the first move. Love and faith are bound to be rewarded. Communicate with their loved ones can absolutely everyone who showed perseverance. Recently we had a woman who had lost her son. We conducted a communication session. Everyone was shocked. The woman recognized her son. They talked, were made very personal message. I must say that we — the researchers in a very new reality for all, and the contact of this kind, carried out with a completely unfamiliar to us by people, was the first in our practice. And I want to say that the walls around us, there is only us. On the one hand, they are completely transparent. We see, hear, not just our speech, Noah thought. We are told: "In the mist of running around." And they say: "Give Hand," "Here are all forgiven."

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