In the north-west of Kashmir strong earthquake

In the north-west of Kashmir strong earthquake Natural Disasters

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, in the north-western part of Kashmir in an earthquake measuring 5.6 points and a depth of 49.3 km. Information from the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre: 5.7 strength earthquake epicenter points and 60 km depth.

Closest to the epicenter are the following locations: Lasht (13 km), Barohil (19 km), KHARACH (20 km), Deh Holaman (18 km). The nearest civilian airport located in the town of Chitral (159 km), 62 km away Mugrabskaya hydropower.

It is reported that about 9000 people have felt moderate shaking for 332 thousand earthquake showed a slight hesitation. The main danger, experts say, will come not from the earthquake, but from the subsequent avalanches and rock falls in the area of Koyo Zom (chain Hindu Raj).

The history of seismic activity (1990-pres. Time). Subduction zones are marked in blue, orange ridges and transform faults — green.

A few hours later in Kashmir was weaker earthquake measuring 4.5 points.

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