In the struggle with heavy metals useful onions

In the struggle with heavy metals useful onion Facts

Biotechnologists from Indraprastha University in New Delhi believe that the remains of onions and garlic after the food industry can be further used for the adsorption of environmentally hazardous heavy metals. And the onion and garlic waste can safely be used for the purification of contaminated materials on an industrial scale.

Work on the creation of a universal biological filter gone far enough, we already know the behavior of filter media in different acidity or alkaline medium, at different temperatures and different duration of exposure to heavy metals.
Thus, at a temperature of 50 ° C, the cleaning efficiency with onions and garlic in a lot of m depends on the pH level in the environment, for the establishment of equilibrium takes about half an hour. Therefore, pH 5 there will be optimal. Importantly, in the case of lead, metal, clean the objects from which other more complex all the filters from onions and garlic show maximum results.
In addition, in this method it is possible to separate the filter all adsorbed metal with nitric acid in a separate container, and the filter is used again. In the experiment, able to extract more than 10 mg of pollutant 1 g garlic-onion mixture with clean 1 liter test solution, which contained 5 g of a mixture of solid metals. It shows more than 70% efficiency technologies. Because of its simplicity and high efficiency, this method should be clear to the taste of both small and large enterprises.

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