In the U.S., a woman-driver foot pushed the girl out of the bus-autistic

Voditelnitsa school bus in a familiar way to understand with a disabled child who wanted to go out, not waiting for his stop. According to AP, refused, the old girl was angry and, according to police, pushed the woman.

Further events were recorded by a camera mounted in the cab of the vehicle. 41-year-old Stephanie Wilkerson stopped the bus and pushed the girl kicked out. The child fell and broke his ankle.

The injured child is autistic. The girl's parents went to court. Wilkerson was fired. She was charged with child abuse, aggravated assault.

Local media reported that this is not the first incident involving disabled children in Hillsborough. Earlier in October, the 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome was unattended and, after leaving school, drowned in the pond. A month later, another 7-year-old child, confined to a wheelchair, suddenly stopped breathing during a trip on a school bus. Maintainer noticed it, but neither he nor the driver of the vehicle did not stop and tried to call an ambulance, and the child died.

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