In the U.S., developing long-range sniper rifle caliber 14.9 mm

In the U.S., developing long-range sniper rifle caliber 14.9 mm
Armed conflicts and local wars of recent decades has demonstrated the increased role of snipers in military conflicts, especially when fighting in towns and other populated Fri In addition it was found necessary their presence as part of the units responsible for the maintenance of public order, and in the composition of the special forces, opposing terrorism. Convincing Rezonit significance snipers on the battlefield were the results of research conducted in the U.S. work on the efficiency of fire from small guns. For example, during the second World War, and the war in Korea was spent on each killed from 30 to 50 thousand rounds. In turn, the sniper to hit a target is often quite make just one shot.

Comparable efficiency and effectiveness of the fire has not now any other type of small guns. In addition to the emergence of a section of hostilities separate sniper or whole unit rather rapidly becomes clear enemy and makes him fear, is also quite a depressing effect on the psyche of a fighter. In these days of efficiency and the importance of using snipers for the army and for special forces and internal forces do not raise any hesitation. That is why the development of sniper guns, snipers also preparing prof now given special attention in almost all countries of the world.

Last war showed that the distance between the fire contact opponents in continuous increases. Against this background, the development of new types of weapons capable of striking the enemy at great distances, something does not seem weird. So the creators of sniper guns have been paying close attention mnogokalibernym sniper rifles (CWS), which have been unjustly forgotten since the time of the second world war. As a result, engineering design work have been developed many standards of modern Western SWR systematization — Anti-material rifle. Typically, these rifles own effective range of up to 2000 meters.

According to the classifications adopted mnogokalibernym sniper rifles include caliber rifles from 9 to 20 mm. inclusive. Typically, these rifles are far superior to simple sniper rifles bullet energy and effective firing range, as the size, weight and impact, which significantly affects the area of ​​implementation. Currently, this type of weapon is not actually used against individuals (except for enemy snipers). More appropriate targets for such rifles stand unarmored vehicles and lightly armored targets, missile launchers complexes, radar antenna, mines and unexploded bombs (carried out undermine ordnance benign distance).

History and introduction

Forefathers of modern mnogokalibernyh sniper rifles can be called languid fortress guns that were used in the XIX century, such as Russian troops at Plevna during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. During World War I, British troops used the rifle under a particularly powerful hunting cartridge .600 Nitro Express. It was used to engage targets in the trenches, sheltered behind armored shields.

During the second world war general widespread anti-tank guns, for example, Russian standards PTRD and PTSD, which in modern systematization can be safely attributed to mnogokalibernym sniper rifles. With all of this after the war, this class of small guns actually did not apply because of a sharp rise in the reservation of military equipment. First rifle, which can be attributed to the «new wave» may be referred to the South American M500, which was developed by Research Armaments Prototypes (RAP) in 1981-1982 for the needs of the U.S. Army. With all this fame real newcomer to mind sniper weapons came only after a fairly successful implementation rifle Barrett M82 («Light Fifty») during a military operation «Desert Storm.»

More often in this kind of rifles used cartridges of caliber 12.7mm (Russian / Russian 12,7 x108 or NATO cartridge 12.7 h99), which were taken from mnogokalibernyh guns. Energy supplies data cartridges for breaking all pretty pants army protection at a distance of a bullet. Because of the large mass of its own size and harsh data sniper rifles can reveal their potential only in absolutely different groups for special purposes, and not in the «linear» units. SWR are usually armed with special purpose units of the armed forces, police and counter-terrorist units.

This type of gun is truly universal. Mnogokalibernye sniper rifles used in the decommissioning of lightly armored and unarmored combat vehicles, helicopters and aircraft on the ground, communication and management of various fashion accessories, openly located and artillery rockets hitting firepower and manpower, including repositories field-type shelters or in urban criteria. Besides data rifles are an indispensable means of effective kontrsnayperskoy struggle.

Senior long-range sniper rifle 14,9 mm SOP (U.S.)

Not so long ago, the Web has information developed in the U.S. long-range sniper rifle caliber 14.9 mm SOP. It should be noted that, starting with a 12.7-mm, in recent years mnogokalibernye sniper rifles quite often run across an even larger caliber: 14.5 mm, 15.2 mm, 20-mm. Along with these are special cartridges unusual caliber. Many ideas for long-range sniper guns came to designers of small sport that is popular in the Western countries and the U.S..

Brand new 14.9 mm sniper rifle SOP — it experienced the heaviest standard sniper rifle, which is under the active manner in the U.S.. This rifle is designed for target shooting over long distances, but who knows, may be fully that this rifle Seek out for yourself and use in the U.S. Army. Bullet from the rifle cartridge differs huge elongation and maintain about 110 gr. In fact this is the real shell, but without payload in the form of explosive.

With all this muzzle energy of the bullet is actually twice as expensive than for a Russian bullet cartridge h114 14.5 mm and is 60 kJ (for comparison muzzle energy of the bullet Russian SWR OSV-96 12.7 mm is 18.86 kJ). With all this for rifle shooting accuracy stated at 0.5 MOA at a distance of 3000 yards (2743 meters). At a distance of 4.9 km. velocity is still supersonic. MOA or Minute ° F Angle (angular minute) — is widely used in the West to assess the magnitude of ballistics accuracy results and corrections in the shooting. In the West, love to use this value, because the angular width is almost exactly one inch at 100 yards. In Russia, for the calculations used other value — thousandth distance. The stated accuracy guarantees bullets hit in a circle with a diameter of 0.5 inch or 1.27 cm

Cartridge rifle 14,9 mm SOP was created based on a shortened sleeves from 20-mm automatic gun cartridge «Volcano», with all this in store the kinetic energy of a bullet from a rifle more than the shell of the gun. Number of the original speed of the bullet the rifle until given, but it is reported that it is more than 1 kilometer per second.

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