In the U.S., men and women switch roles


Over the past three and a half decades, the number of women who are the sole source of income in the full American families has increased almost four-fold (from 6% to 23%). Such an unexpected conclusion analysts Census Bureau (United States Census Bureau).

Consequently, almost 12 million households with two adults today are held exclusively by working wives. This figure is made of experts to talk about the "grand revolution and redistribution of roles within the family."

Today's American women who are married and raising children, spouses bypass almost all indicators. In particular, they are much more likely to receive a good education. According to the latest data of the Department of Education (Department of Education — DOE), women account for 57% of all degrees Bachelor's Degrees, 60% — Master's Degrees and 52% Doctoral Degrees.

It is particularly noteworthy that the wives and mothers differ amazing tenacity when it comes to the development of a prestigious profession. They do not stop a large number of children, nor the cost of education (loans to some of the legal and medical professions exceed $ 150 — $ 200 000), or the lack of free time. Men are much less likely to bring the follow through because of laziness and lack of specific goals in life.

Thus, the 39-year-old Julie B. from California received after marriage and the birth of four children, two of education that allows her to now earn over $ 300,000 a year. Female spouse, Adam, bringing up children. He does all the household work, which has a half-century ago was considered an exclusively female.

"I do not see what is happening something extraordinary — says Julia. — The main thing is that every day we're going for dinner and thank each other for their work. We are truly happy family. "

Adam admits that very happy with the role assigned to it:

"In the education of children and earnings should be distributed in advance roles. Everyone does what he does best. Julie knows how to make money, and I — cook, do shopping and messing with kids. What's wrong with that? The main thing is that we remain the father and mother, wife and husband. "

According to surveys, the vast majority of Americans are not in accordance with the phrase that "a man should earn, and a woman sit with the kids." This centuries-old stereotype is now almost gone. However, many residents of the United States still do not believe that marriage can be a long and happy if it concludes representatives of different social groups.

"My grandfather was a shame to change diapers for children, as it greatly disturbed public opinion — says Virgil C., a resident of Arizona. — I did just that after getting married and engaged. Man, conducting all day with the kids, has a true masculinity and reliability. Neighbors and relatives look at me and realize that that man can be trusted ".

According to Virgil, even in his conservative town where belatedly reach democratic tendencies, working wife and unemployed husband are the norm.

"Many of my dear friends working in the stores, and they are not the end of something repaired and play baseball with the kids. Women are nice to get back into the house after work, where they are looking forward to. This is perhaps the most important thing. "

Psychologists who have studied the "role reversal" in the ordinary American families, see the trends but positive things.

"If the father is at home, and the mother is working, it does not affect the education of children — says Greg Burnell, a researcher at the University of Alabama. — For children, such an alignment of duties even better. They will not be available babysitters or themselves. "

Burnell categorically rejects the widespread belief that the education of children — the duty of women.

"As well you can argue which of the representatives of the two sexes leads better truck — he jokes. — In reality, everything depends on the will of man and the acquired skills. Also in America conducted a huge number of seminars and tutorials available on education and child psychology. "

It is hard to disagree with Burnell. According to non-profit organizations for the protection of family values in the last year more than 10 million husbands and fathers attended a course on parenting.

This is an absolute record.

"After the crisis, the automotive unemployed fathers became much more — says Annette Lane, an expert on child rearing in Detroit (MI). — Five years ago, in my seminars to educate women accounted for 80% of the audience. Today — less than 20%. This is perfectly normal trend that only strengthens the family. Each spouse is doing what he can fly. "

Women are often the only source of replenishment of the family budget is also because many decades, human rights activists achieved gender equality in all spheres. Today, they make a fantastic career in the security services, the police, the military departments, as well as a very large private companies.

According to the sociological service of CNN Money, about fifty most influential business women of the United States bring the national economy over a trillion dollars each year.

If you believe an online survey, only 7% of men earn more than women are "a threat to family relationships."

According to psychologists, the distinctive features of this group of respondents is the lack of confidence in their own abilities, uncontrollable jealousy, and excessive religiosity. In addition, these views often hold immigrants.

As for the remaining 93% of the respondents, they did not against mining and financial records of their wives.

"Personally, I have the impression that a whole generation of American men dreams to take a break and change the type of activity — writes the visitor online forum Stephen. — We yearned for a hectic home just as our wives — by business suits and career development. "

There is a belief that only women can restore the economy, ruined male bankers on Wall Street. As much as it may sound discriminatory, but a large percentage of businesses with strong sex workers more often have failed in the years before and after the crisis.

As for women, over the past 15 years, they were able to open up and unleash 8.3 million businesses — 54% more than in the previous decade and a half. They were able to provide stable employment for around 10 million people — that's three times more than the company McDonald's, IBM and Wal-Mart combined.

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