In the U.S., on a stone slab, found record 10 Commandments and signs Tetragrammaton made 3000 years ago?


Caption can not be fake. At the foot of this hill is the ancient stone inscriptions, according to

Many scientists now believe that the inscription on the stone contains the Ten Commandments, including the 3 digit Tetragrammaton, inscribed in the texts of the Hebrew language.


The inscription is unique for several reasons. First, it is made in ancient Hebrew. Second, it is located near the small town of Los Lunas in New Mexico, USA. Thirdly, the inscription contains the "Ten Commandments".

This proves that the Semitic people, probably Jewish, came to America long before Columbus and the Vikings.

Title may not be fake by the following reasons. The actual opening inscription is unknown, but for her the locals knew as early as the 1850s. At that time, the language of the text was not known, and therefore could not be translated and understood.

Artifact found in New Mexico, contains the letters of the Hebrew alphabet older. The existence of a written language, researchers found only in the second half of the 19th century, after extensive archaeological excavations. Once the script has been installed, and the inscription deciphered, it appears that this is a copy of the "Ten Commandments".


When we compare the text on the label in Los Lunas with inscriptions found in 1993 at Tel Dan in Israel, we can see that the alphabets are almost identical. Below is a comparison of letters from both labels.

Tel Dan Inscription is dated about 1000 BC. On a stone in Los Lunas, we see the same letters. This suggests, is almost certain that the inscription on the stone in New Mexico was made by the Semites, probably the ancient Hebrews, about 3000 years ago.

The inscriptions in ancient Hebrew were found in other U.S. locations, including Tennessee and Mississippi Valley.


The conclusion that the inscription is in Hebrew, raises many questions.


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