In the U.S. state of Kansas tornado formed 4

May 29, 2013. At night, in the north-east of Kansas was recorded 4 separate tornado. The greatest harm tornado brought Marysville and the surrounding area, about 240 km from the city of Kansas City near the border of Nebraska. There are 20-25 buildings damaged homes and businesses, three industrial buildings in the west of Marysville completely flattened. Damaged power lines.

Now the city has teams of rescuers and police, figuring out the details of what happened, and providing assistance to victims. Fortunately, none of the people shall not perish but have dozens of lost animals. Human victims managed to escape thanks to the smooth running of the national weather bureau, which at the time kanzastsev warned about the likelihood of dangerous tornadoes. People had to be evacuated to shelters.

About one tornado reported in Smith County. Elements contributed to the destruction of at least two houses to the north-east of Smith. After the tornado in Clay County there are slight fracture. The town has experienced several minutes Mankato hailstorm. Tornadoes in Jewell County has caused damage to a house near the town of Isbon. None of the people whose property was damaged, was not injured, the victims are also not reported.


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