In the Urals, there was rare for local latitude astronomical phenomenon — lying Moon

Some days the residents of Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg observed a rare astronomical phenomenon to the Urals — the Moon "horns up".

As the "New Region", at the weekend and on Monday, many residents of the Urals drew attention to the fact that the Moon occupies an unusual position in the sky: the crescent moon turned horns almost straight up, resembling a boat or a smile.

Experts Kourovka Observatory in Yekaterinburg explained correspondent of "New Region", that the position of the moon in the sky depends on the phase and position relative to the sun. According to employees of the observatory, in a phenomenon when the crescent moon turned straight up, there is nothing unusual, and it is observed on a monthly basis. Although they themselves night light has not recently seen as the sky is overcast. On the question of why there is still no one in the Urals did not notice the moon in a similar position in the observatory said that people in general are little notice, the sky looks very rarely, and do not pay attention to the unusual phenomenon.

Meanwhile, some experts believe that the Moon "horns up" phenomenon in the Ural latitudes rather rare. Earthly luminaries move along the ecliptic, and the Moon is always looking at the sun bulge sickle to the moon "lying" should be perpendicular to the ecliptic horizon. This is possible in the tropics. Satellite of the Earth in the form of a boat accustomed to seeing on the horizon between the tropics of Cancer (23 degrees north latitude) and Capricorn (23 degrees south latitude). Chelyabinsk is located at a latitude of 56 degrees.

If more latitude 23 degrees angle between the ecliptic and the horizon can only be committed to 90 degrees — but do not reach it. However, in the mid-latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere can see the moon almost "horns up". For example, when the vernal equinox is on the western horizon. At this point, the ecliptic "bully" as up. Moonlight canoe can be seen on the vernal equinox after sunset when the moon rising, or the day of the autumnal equinox sunrise at waning moon.

More on the latitude of Chelyabinsk shining "horns up" theory can be seen only in the moments close to the new moon and just after sunset. However, several conditions must be met: The moon in the new moon would pass up the sun, the sun would have time to sit down over the horizon, and the moon is still there, and most importantly — should have time to appear crescent. Typically, the crescent becomes visible only after a couple of days after the new moon, when the moon is considerably distant from the Sun and its "horns" look to the left. The position of the moon on the Chelyabinsk horizon that does not explain, since the light is far removed from the new moon — Today began the second phase. By the way, today the moon had "leveled off" and took the position, proper phase and latitude.

Note on the national signs Moon "horns up" foreshadowed the warm weather in the next days and maybe a month. For other signs, on the contrary, such a state of the brightness of the sky foretold the cold.

By the way, last night at the South Urals share dropped another rare yavyalenie: When the outdoor temperature is minus 10 degrees Celsius was rain.

Source: New Region

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