In the West, launched a campaign to demonize the Soviet soldier — the winner

Approaching the 68th anniversary of the Great Victory — victory at the cost of produced millions of lives and millions crippled destinies of the Soviet people. Dozens of Soviet cities were reduced to rubble, and hundreds of villages — in the ashes. Of the people in the concentration camps "mined" biomaterial for a "great race." Some were suffocated with gas and turned to dust, other drove into slavery, and some died of starvation. Woe to the people who lived through the hell of the great war, is truly irreplaceable. And there is no one comparable feat of the Soviet people's votes, which could give the winners — people who stopped the murderous machine of fascism and Nazism.
In the West, launched a campaign to demonize the Soviet soldier - the winner
But reverent attitude to the Great Victory of the vast majority of Russians (and all the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union, and not only the Union) has recently attracted a strange reaction from our Western "partners". For a number of years working in the West a unique propaganda machine, the fruits of "creative" which is the formation of the citizens of a "unified" European opinion about the barbarity of the Soviet troops in Germany in the last months of the war — the barbarity that is contrary to all conceivable standards of European civilization.

It is noteworthy that a number of media have decided to take up this subject, "exposing the truth" about the war, which, as it turned out, quickly concocted by experts in their stuffing information bombs on the same West. These bombs exploded both in Europe and in Russia with one single goal: to diminish the role of both the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany and its allies and the role of the Soviet soldier in the liberation of the European nations. Like, how so? What will react to the average modern European megaliberalny megatolerantny and if he will continue to talk about the fact that by its very quite comfortable existence, he may be required to state that at the time of his forefathers and freed his country from the fascist plague. After all, he does not understand how could a country where "human rights violations" and "had a problem with the rights of sexual minorities," someone from something free. Otdemokratizirovannoe thoroughly modern European thought can not dock the concept of "Soviet Union" (and, therefore, Russia) with the notion of "freedom" … and suddenly someone still try to hold such a dock? ..

No! So it will not work — apparently decided modern propagandists in the same Germany, and began to gradually expand the information war in which it appeared that the Soviet soldier — it's a barbarian, ride roughshod over the freedom and independence of the German people, and in the intervals between battles raped German Women and rifle butt which killed German children … Against this background, the familiar bagpipe is put on the non-observance of human rights, war crimes and even genocide of the German people, which is supplied to the European (and the Russian, too) table under the hot sauce from the need to find those who must answer for the "crime" of Soviet troops in Germany, sample 1945.

In doing so, "confirmation" of his theory impenetrable denseness and endless barbarism of Soviet troops (as another provocation against Russia) neopropagandisty draw their teachers from the Second World War. In the course are even famous dictum "love of mankind" and the big "nravstvennika" Joseph Goebbels, who served as proof that the Soviet soldiers — is a brutal murderer, rapist and certainly bloodthirsty monster.

Will present excerpts from this kind of material that is being actively discussed in the European media. However, some notorious Russian media other than a strange desire in all Western initiatives without fail to see the benefit for themselves, also not averse to raising of the topics that the great victory — at no great as well … — just a historical episode, which in addition have the blood "enslaved" by the Soviet Army of the German people …

In fact, in the face of Soviet soldiers, we are dealing with prairie scum. This is confirmed received by us from the eastern areas of information about the atrocities. They do cause fear. They can not be played even individually. First of all, we should mention the terrible documents received from Upper Silesia. In some villages and towns were all raped countless women from ten to 70 years

(From materials of Joseph Goebbels, March 1945).

What follows is an entertaining postscript:

Already all countrymen believe that the Bolsheviks commit atrocities.

Obviously, he is the author of these sayings has a feeling of admiration for the work done: that newsworthy to the German people entering the European territory of the Soviet soldiers hated with all his soul, found, and therefore, the belief in the "scum of the atrocities of the steppe" is increasingly infused into German .

After the release of the material to the masses gebbelskovskogo German people embraced terrible panic. Words that Soviet soldiers raped and killed women, regardless of their age and relationship to the Nazi authorities, has led to an unprecedented growth in Germany's history of suicide is among the female population. However, that does not bother those who stood at the helm of the Nazi propaganda machine. Suicidal death of German women were turned into what they claim to impose his own hand after the excesses of those who meet with them Russian soldiers.

It will therefore be superfluous to quote the words of the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda Third Reich Naumann.

Our propaganda regarding Russian military and that the public should expect from them in Berlin, was so successful that we have brought the Berliners to the state of extreme terror.

Next Naumann adds:

We are a little overdone — promoting the rebound to backfire.

It is noteworthy that in the Western media words in his diary Naumann, who was one of the main approximation of the same Joseph Goebbels, not given. Like, why should debunk that myth about the "scum of the steppe", which is beginning to take quite conscious features in Western society.

As they say, information brainwashing Europeans carried out well, which means that all the information that one way or another, related to debunking myths about the bloodthirsty Russian soldiers in Germany should push right to the back of the media that no one will ever know. But neopropagandistam who decided to turn the Soviet people's victory in the bloodthirsty historical farce, I must say all the secret becomes clear (example — the words of the same Naumann) …

Not to operate exclusively Goebbels quotes, promoters decided to bring a new wave of information to dupe their fellow citizens other "historical works" and "evidence." In particular, the same German media have started to actively use the works of some Russian writers who (works) allegedly directly confirm that the Russian soldiers in Germany — a barbarian murderer. One of these authors was elected Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Here are a few excerpts from his infamous poem "Prussian Nights," written in 1950.

With a whoop, whistle, shine headlights —
Klein Kozlau, Gross Kozlau —
That the village — that fire!
All on fire! Mooing cows,
Locked in a burning barn —
Oh, Milashev,
You are not ours!

Zwei und zwanzig, Horingstra? E.
The house is not burning, but the trephine, a rake.
Someone moan wall weakened:
Mother — not to the death. On the mattress,
Roth, the platoon went to —
Daughter, a girl on the spot.

Girl — in Babu Babu — a corpse!
Okrovlen and Muten opinion,
Asks: «Tote mich, Soldat!»

Whore it is different:
"Wait a minute, guys!
I'll show you a home richer!
German women-tselok full house! "
"Tea far?"
"Around the corner!

Needless to say, it was a work of Solzhenitsyn in the West rastaskano citations, which were held on the basis of the whole discussion studio, saying that it is worth it at all to repent of Germany to the Soviet Union for the outbreak of war, when Russian — get what …

According to the latest product of the "Prussian Nights" was included in the curriculum of German students in the study of the works of foreign literature. Well, the choice is clearly indicates that the work neopropagandistov in the same Germany is paying off and that obviously causes other reference blow to Russia, as well as bilateral relations. Well, is not beneficial to certain forces to the German-Russian relations have been well established in a spirit of partnership.

Based on this, does not even strange that the study of the poem Mr. Solzhenitsyn same German high school students are not familiar with the works of German authors who describe their experience of meeting with Soviet troops quite differently. A group of German authors in their historical essay uses the words sanitary instructor Sophia Kuncevich:

They came to a village, the kids running around — the hungry, miserable. And I, who swore that all hate them, I gather from their children all that they have, what was left of soldering, any piece of sugar, and give German children. Of course, I forgot, I remember everything, but look calmly into the hungry child's eyes I could not.

About these Soviet people in literature classes clearly trying not to mention it. What for? It also violates the fabric of the conversion of the Victory of the Soviet people in the "brutal barbarians break-Asians."

And it is remarkable that the same Alexander Solzhenitsyn for some reason not mentioned in his work, as the Soviet soldiers gave the last piece of bread German children, taking care not to reopen past thoughts that somewhere near Tula or Chernigov, Polotsk or Leningrad them children ate tree bark and cooked quinoa soup, to die of hunger.

Not mentioned evidence and interviews with Marshal Zhukov, Chief of Logistics of the front. Here is an excerpt from a conversation with General Marshall, who was responsible for the food supply of the inhabitants of Berlin:

"For children, the milk must be sought …
The General looked at the marshal and after a short pause, said:
— Me, Comrade Marshal, write from home that are starving …
— I also wrote that the Union tight … But it does not change the case. The directive is clear: to allocate so much food for the German population of Berlin.
— We will feed the Nazis?
— We will feed the Germans — old men, old women, children, workers … "

Not explicitly mentioned and testimonies of ordinary Berliners, who in his own words debunk the myth of endless barbaric acts of the Russian soldier in Germany in 1945. Says Elizabeth Shtaym:

Nazis said that the Bolsheviks shot all the families in which someone in the war against Russia. I decided to open a vein to their children and commit suicide. But I was sorry for the children, I hid in the basement, where we sat for a few days hungry. Suddenly there went four Red Army. They have not touched, and even gave a little Werner piece of bread and a packet of biscuits. I could not believe my eyes. After that, we decided to go out on the street. The street was a lot of civilians. No they did not touch. All of them were in a hurry about their business. This is proved by the fact that Russian is not only not destroy and exterminate the population, and even worried that this population is not dying of hunger. Moreover, issues high standards and is worried about the restoration of our homes.
In the West, launched a campaign to demonize the Soviet soldier - the winner

Of course, these words of German witnesses today neopropagandistami skillfully withdrawn, shall we say, of the European revolution. After publishing these words mean to recognize the presence of moral character of those who are now in their view should be subjected to the most severe obstruction. And the sensation of fabricated passages "works" Goebbels, spiced works the same Alexander Solzhenitsyn, in modern Europe looks much more preferable than the designation of real conditions of the actions of the Soviet soldiers who singled jewelry out of the context of the tragedy. Why frighten younger generation of Europeans data about the atrocities that are repaired in the Soviet Union, German soldiers and their allies, if possible, nothing about this, set the main villains of the war only the Soviet troops — is the main tenet of the new anti-Russian propaganda.

In this regard, the question arises whether it is time to focus on trying another distortion of historical facts, dealing a blow to the image of Russia? If we consider that in 2012-13 the Russian Federation and Germany spend years of cross-culture, it would not be amiss in the framework of this campaign, a series of cultural activities that are exposed to the attempts by certain individuals to demonize essence of the Great Victory.

In preparing this article draws upon the scientific research carried out by Dr. of History E.S.Senyavskoy

Author Alexei Volodin
Germany is blatant media war in Kaliningrad

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