In Tuvalu declared a disaster due to lack of fresh water

Funafuti Atoll

October 3. The authorities of a small Pacific States said that the situation with the presence of drinking water in the country is critical.

On Monday, on the tiny island of Tuvalu declared a state of emergency due to the lack of fresh water in the country. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of neighboring New Zealand Murray McCully is going to help the impoverished state.

— Lack of water is observed in the capital of Tuvalu — Funafuti, as well as some adjacent areas. We will send some special plane carrying humanitarian aid to Tuvalu — said Murray.

Tuvalu Islands located in the Pacific Ocean. The total land area of nearly 12 square kilometers, which is why there are no islands in the river. The locals on Tuvalu about 12,000, are forced to collect rain water and store it in concrete tanks. Earlier, the islanders used the ground water from dug wells, but the sea water has leaked and there, thus depriving the latter of local source of drinking water.

Source: LifeNews

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