India prepares stealth drone

India prepares stealth drone
India announced the development of an unobtrusive shock jet drone. Indian programm IUSAV builds up the euro and South American Neuron UAV Phantom Ray.

Indian developers are planning to send its own UAV codenamed Aura in the first flight in 2015-2016. This is a very important plan, taking into account that the stealth drone technology requests that India does not yet have. But it should be noted that the director of the Indian defense research agency DRDO has recently visited Sweden, where possible, talks were held with the concern SAAB, which can assist in the development of programs from IUSAV.

The presentation outlined the Indians applets IUSAV Aura as unmanned bomber, which will use the new radio-absorbing materials, detectors and conformal antenna, S-shaped channel vozduhopoglotitelya, oppressive system of infrared radiation, including motor specially shaped nozzle. Indian military plan to include in future architecture Aura own Air Force, which will include and Indo-Russian fighter fifth-generation PAK FA.

Currently, a group of Indian professionals in the field of aerospace technology has already started to design the main parts of a future unmanned systems, namely the flight control system, autopilot, S-shaped vozduhopoglotitelya controlled thrust vector control surfaces and wings (elevons).

Aura design is very similar to the South American drone X-47B: he also made on a flying wing has one engine and two compartments for weapons.

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