India refused to BMP-3 in favor of their own «car of the future»

India refused to BMP-3 in favor of their own
The Government of India has decided not to renounce the development of its programs from «infantry fighting vehicle of the future» (Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle, FICV) in favor of purchasing Russian BMP-3, MIC-news reports citing Defense News. The relevant notification Russian side received November 18, 2013, but this became clear only at the moment.
India wants to change the new machines obsolete BMP-1 and BMP-2 Russian production. Proposal to abandon development FICV (project cost is estimated at 10 billion dollars) in December 2012 has made India, Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to his proposal, Our motherland India can transfer all the technology used in the BMP-3. Through this step Russian side hoped to strengthen its position in the Indian market weapons and military equipment.
According to the draft FICV, in the calculation of the combat vehicle must go three people. The machine must be adapted to carry up to eight fighters and protect them from the shots of the 14.5-mm machine guns. In addition, the BMP should be floating, and its design — adapted for the landing from the air.
FICV weapons must be submitted raketami.Ministerstvo gun and anti-Indian Defence wants to buy 2.6 thousand «infantry fighting vehicles of the future.» The project is implemented only with the participation of Indian companies.

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