Indirect signs of deteriorating state of the U.S. economy: the number of late payments on loans growing


Owners of cars bought on credit, were more likely to get behind the monthly payments. This is the conclusion reached by experts credit bureau Experian, studied the statistics for the first quarter of this year.

The number of motorists overdue by 30 days increased by 1.3%, and by 60 days — by 12.4%. It is expected that the number of non-paying drivers will increase rapidly. By the end of the year it may reach 15% — 20% of total encumbered credit.

Interestingly, the total amount of car loans in the first quarter of 2013 increased by 9.9% — from $ 663 to $ 726 billion. Americans take the machine for 2 — 3 years and a few months later cease to pay the debt. Non-payment results in a drop in credit history, problems with debt collectors, confiscation of vehicles and admission to the list of debtors unreliable clients.

One of the minor reasons for non-payment of the borrowed car is the high price of gasoline, as well as the rise in toll road projects (bridges, tunnels, highways). New York leads the list of cities where the operation of vehicles more expensive everything.

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