Ingenuity and hard work — a survival farms in the outback of the Vologda

Will find the secret of the survival of farms in the province. Agricultural firm in Yelokhovo (Kichmengskii Town) — an example of the success of agricultural enterprises in the Vologda province. Ingenuity and hard work, according to the chairman — the basic recipe. 

M.Ugryumov (Chairman Argofirmy "Elovino"): "My assistants — the real Russian men, Russian women on which everything rests. They can do on my knee to do everything. This backbone supports me. Household We are together, these and survive."

"I'll take a cue from the old generation, with a father who worked, went to 6:00 am, arrived at 7-8. Their labor is expensive. Necessary to show the true Russian labor. From what was formerly Russia — from the guy from the strong, who worked , raised their children — that's rod. "

"In the holiday was never in my life."

Innovations in practice.Of the goals of saving in the economy is not in a stable breast pumps, no transporters, livestock is distilled homemade milking parlor, the cows are untethered and move freely around the grounds. This provides substantial savings. Involuntary "know-how".

"Thanks to this" innovation "is the chances of survival, even in the current climate. And God help us. I myself worked his way to the Temple. Incredible optimism and a desire to make people find ways to not just survive and work, and management of the life that has that sense have. "

Otherwise it will not work.

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