Inspector, I’m not drunk!

Inspector, I'm not drunk!

The driver behind the wheel — it is a potential danger to others, and drunk driver— A threat to the very obvious. On the roads of Russia in the "drunk" accident deaths each year tens of thousands of people — and these statistics can not be ignored. One of the most rapid methods for the detection of abused drivers — Tests of the series "Breathe as well." Technically, there are many methods, but the principle remains unchanged — is determined by the content of ethyl alcohol in the breath.

Breath tests are used not only in our country but around the world. Thus, the Bulgarian traffic police, with the help of these simple devices identified two world records on drivers' alcohol abuse in the past year and this year. Blood tests 67-year-old and57-year-old men showed the alcohol content of 9.14 and 8.35 ppm. Abstracting from the fact that 5-55 ppm is considered a lethal dose, it can be said that the method "as well Breathe" works.

The only thing about which there are serious doubts — so it is in the accuracy of the "breathing" of devices. A variety of testers and tubes, as already stated, determine the breath alcohol. More precisely — the alcohol group. A more exact — a methyl group (CH3). The catch is that the methyl group has too many chemicals. And a false positive in diagnostic tubes — are not uncommon. Let's say, for acetone, which has already two methyl groups. A diabetic patients acetone in breath — more than enough. And the breath of a healthy person to70-80 percent of the compounds have very methyl group, particularly after eating starchy foods, such as bread. And if a person is plastered and painted with oil paint at least one wall in an apartment behind the wheel you can not sit down — guaranteed above normal in the "exhaust".

That is why in the world the testimony of such diagnostic tools are used only as an excuse to direct the driver to the additional survey and determine the content of alcohol in the blood invasive method. For example, in the U.S. state of South Dakota, the testimony of the full range of respiratory tests are not considered in the court as evidence. In Russia, the new operating instructions required two trials with an interval of 20 minutes, and the need to use different technical devices.

By the way, some models of cars are equipped with a special device to which you want to blow — otherwise no ignition will not. Owners of these vehicles are advised not to eat, smoke, and do not work withpaints and varnishes products before they get in the car — that is the sensitivity of ingenious devices. The idea, of course, is good, but too impractical, because "resourceful" driver can first start the engine, and then "take on his chest" — and "built-in traffic cop" will not mind.

Studies have shown that respiratory breathalyzer wrong about 23 percent of cases, showing a greater level of alcohol in the subject than it actually is. Therefore, if you know exactly what you do not drink, but"Satan-tube" says otherwise, do not waste time bickering withroad patrol service, and demand a medical examination — as specified in the instruction. Only an analysis of venous blood may confirm or refute the diagnosis of "drunkenness."

And what if the two intersect necessary — to drink and drive? And in that order. Best option in this case — to travel by taxi or ask a sober friend / family member to drive you home in your machine. All other advice from the series "eat more", "take advantage of antipolitsaem" etc. — Should be classified as hazardous. Any good they do not lead.

Not for nothing in France was such a buzz around the "magic elixir" supposedly speeds up the metabolism of alcohol in the5-6 times. Doctors feared that under the cover of such a drug drivers will get behind the wheel in the same condition in which both thewalk-a not recommended. After all, the problem is not only to dispose of himself alcohol (I.e., ethyl alcohol), but all the degradation products thereof, which have even more pronounced toxicity than ethanol.

As long as we do not understand and do not gain a foothold in the brain postulate that alcohol and driving are incompatible, and the country will be on the roads loss comparable to the losses in the medium-scale war.

The site was asked: "How do you determine when you can get behindsteering wheel after drinking? '. I am glad that the majority of respondents — 62 percent — or do not drink (21percentage), Or do not drink, if that day to get behind the wheel (41percentage). Of the 38 percent who yet lead in not quite sober, 21 percent defines a "moment of truth" solely on state of health, 3 percent use different calculation methods, and 8 percent rely solely on the ability to pay off the inspectors. 2 percent of the respondents chose known only to them another option.

To at least somehow help to define the time during which in any case can not get behind the wheel, specialists clinic "Alkomed" developed a virtual breathalyzer. It is clear that his testimony — not a guide to action, because the metabolism of alcohol, even in one and the same person under different conditions is differently. However, at least a rough idea of the rate of fall in blood ethanol concentration can be obtained.

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