Intellectuals Brighton Beach screams out if the authorities do not get him out of the houses, we will complain to the Sports Lottery!


We, the residents of Coney Island Towers Building (2970 W24 Street), are writing to you with the hope for your support and help. Any assistance provided to us by the Board or by the action to be adopted by us with gratitude.

October 29 as a result of past hurricane in Brooklyn in our home electricity was cut off, and with it, and two elevators serving the residents of 19-storey building of more than 300 people. After 3 days, electricity was restored, and the elevators were left hanging motionless. The failure of the two elevators stopped the lives of the people at home. The house is home to many elderly and sick people, people with disabilities, for which the yield of the house was closed. And not only for this category of people, but also for many other stories in overcoming the 19-storey building was higher than their physical capabilities.

After 1.5 months of our imprisonment and hopeless living by our management, it was announced that the repair of elevators will start 6-8 weeks after receipt of engines to replace the old ones. What is surprising is this uncertainty and indifference to the fate of the landlord services people.

It took 3 months. People are deprived of the basic necessities — any medical assistance, medicines and all that a man needs. It should be added that the telephone company Verizon, serving most of the residents of the house, and cut off the phones in the house and left many people without phone service. And it continues to this day. We asked for help by calling 311. Our complaint was accepted and we were told that we will get an answer within 40 days, as if it was not an emergency, as an answer to a question about the prospects for urban development in future years.

Also, we made our complaint to the Mayor of the City of New York Mr. Bloomberg. But a month passed, and the answer is no.

We have attempted to contact by telephone with city organizations involved in monitoring the housing stock of the city, but we otfutbolivat from one to another until the circle is closed up again and we did not come to the main culprit of our problems — the general manager handy landlord, who said that elevator repairs will be completed probably in late March 2013 This sentence residents of the house: 5 months of house arrest.

Do wait for all the happy moments of their release? And what will be the well-being other residents also deprived of the opportunity to return to a normal life. Will their names listed in the Guinness Book of Records for their "feat" of a 5-month stay in a desperate 19-storey building (Xruschevka — Ed.) With inactive elevators.

Can anyone imagine a newly built house with broken elevators that promise to run a 1-3-5 months? Can a house be taken in using the city selection committee. It is ridiculous to ask such a question. And if anyone would go to a house even at 4, 5, 6 floor, not to mention the 15, 17, 19 floors.

Why, contrary to common sense and existing building, sanitary and fire regulations, people need to live in high rise buildings without elevators for 5 or more months under house arrest, and not relocated to other homes due to careless home owners guilty of violating the rules operation of elevators. Why inactive elevators should be repaired 5 months at a time as elevators in a building under construction again mounted for 3 weeks. One gets the impression that the city of New York is not the city control services, leading oversee the proper maintenance of housing stock, which may call to order negligent landlords including the use of large fines and prosecution. What you need to do now is to immediately?

It is necessary that the city authorities are responsible for the condition of the housing stock, dispatched an independent commission of experts on the elevators, which would give an objective opinion on the technical malfunction of elevators and installed as soon as possible to repair them and complete recovery. After that city regulators would oblige the landlord within a specified time to run the elevators.

Michael Ehrenburg



Dear authors of the letter!

"RB" closely monitoring the situation with broken elevators in a number of South Brooklyn Building (Brighton Beach, Coney Island). To say that what is happening does not fit into the framework of common sense, then, to say nothing.

Currently, many residents' complaints on non-working elevators sent almost all instances — from the city's 311 information service to the general prosecutor's office of New York State. So far only received an official response from the Department of tall buildings (Department of Buildings — DOB) — the main structure responsible for the timely inspection and repair of elevators in residential building. DOB officials promised to "conduct a thorough investigation and to give an answer in the near future."

Unfortunately, the situation with broken elevators on Brighton Beach is not unprecedented. After each of a natural or technological disaster in the Big Apple, hundreds of people are left to fend for themselves. Black-out in 2003; excessively hot summers of 1993, 1999 and 2010, hurricanes Hanna (2008), Bill (2009), Irene (2011) and Sandy (2012) — formally the consequences of these tragedies authorities dismantled as soon as possible. However, unofficially dozens (hundreds) of people were left without electricity and communication with the outside world for many weeks (months).

For example, several years ago, low-income families and senior citizens in the Bronx had a few weeks to live in centigrade heat without air conditioning. Community services to them is simply not reached.

But the elevators were not working pradzhektah Queens nearly a month due to the cost of repair is too expensive. Then the greedy landlord, to prosecute is not found even after several hundred complaints.

Residents of eastern Brooklyn constantly complained about the leaking ceilings, broken intercoms, broken windows, vagrants sleeping in doorways, addicts and other problems that turn life into a living hell Building. The landlord was easier to pay the fine than to satisfy the requests of residents.

As cynical as it may sound, but more often the victims of negligence of officials and emergency services are immigrants, seniors, low-income people and recipients of social benefits. The fact remains that if the lift breaks down in the Manhattan skyscraper, its repairing the next day. If he broke down in pradzhekte northeast Bronx or Coney Island, it will be repaired for weeks (months).

Unfortunately, yours truly could not find a single case where the tenants of the New York suburbs could sue the city for negligence compensation respectable officials and experienced discomfort (broken elevators, no electricity or tap water). It seems that Mayor Michael Bloomberg and services subject to him in advance believe in their impunity.

Broken elevators at the Brighton skyscrapers exposed another problem — the inefficiency of politicians at different levels, community leaders, and numerous non-profit organizations. Since Hurricane Sandy was three and a half months, but no one was able to tell Mayor Bloomberg and other senior officials of the "trapped" in Building the elderly. One hundred days in the stone walls — it's a real torture.

To the great regret, the Russian-speaking immigration itself to blame for the contemptuous attitude of the authorities and urban services. On the one hand, we have created a huge number of coalitions, centers, associations and other human rights organizations that provide legal assistance in exchange for a multi-million dollar grants. A number of Russian-language media constantly talks about what a great authority has made "our" community. Like, before us, no one took seriously, and now we have a lot of power and respect.

On the other hand, the Russian-speaking immigrants can not even help each other. This is well illustrated by the situation with the elevators. People with disabilities and the elderly hundred days can not get out of the apartment, and the "community leaders" and non-profit organizations do not take care of is to organize a protest or demonstration, which will attract the attention of the public. If you believe the search engine Google, you about braytontsah trapped in Building, wrote only one English-language news media — cable news channel NY1 (29 January).

Unfortunately, no one can say when the lifts to earn Building Brighton. Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo continue to claim that the funds for Hurricane Sandy allocated in full. About torment elderly and disabled people in South Brooklyn skyscrapers they do not know …

Evgeny Novitsky

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