Intelligence agencies have prevented the terrorist attacks in the Olympic Sochi

Intelligence agencies of Russia and Abkhazia during a joint security operation prevented the plans of the militants in the preparation of terrorist acts during the preparation and holding of the Olympic Games in Sochi — seized an arsenal of terrorists, including man-portable air defense systems "Igla" and "Boom", said on Thursday the National Anti-Terrorism Committee.

Special forces during search operations on May 4-5, found on the territory of Abkhazia ten caches of weapons, explosives, ammunition and other means of committing acts of terrorism.

Of the discovered caches seized three MANPADS "Igla" and "Strela", two anti-tank missile (ATGM) with launchers, mortars and 36 shells for it, the flamethrower "Bumblebee", 29 grenade launchers of various grades, 12 improvised explosive devices, 15 anti-tank and antipersonnel mines, 655 rounds for grenade launchers, 39 grenades and 50 fuses to them, sniper rifle and two assault rifles, 15 kilograms of TNT, more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition of various calibres, as well as topographic maps of the area.

"FSB of Russia managed to establish that the militants had planned for 2012-2014, moving this service in Sochi and used to commit terrorist acts before and during the Olympic Games," — said in a statement.

According to the Committee, the Russian secret services managed at an early stage to prevent thugs attempted to initiate their criminal plans.

"Back in August 2011 in a village in the suburbs of Sochi Plastunka security agencies was eliminated caches that bandits have prepared for the storage of weapons and explosives," — said the NAC.

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