Invasion of the crabs on the Amur Bay

May 29, 2013. Hundreds of anglers who these days go to sea, become unwitting poachers — sea crab itself is on the hook. The phenomenon of the old-timers have not seen for decades.

Today, a large handsome crab with little effort can be caught not far from Vladivostok — just a few hundred meters from the Russian island. Navigation for small vessels opened here just a month ago, and all this time fishermen do not cease to be surprised. At sea, they go for flounder or rudd, but the catch is always crab.

About a sharp increase in the crab population in the Amur Bay first started talking local divers in the winter. They explored the seabed near the lighthouse Skripleva, located just a few kilometers from Vladivostok, and recorded on underwater cameras unprecedented invasion of various crab species, especially juvenile crab.

When the small boats were able to go out to fish, fishermen noticed that the crab is, first, very much, and secondly, there are new species, which are used in these parts have ever seen. The situation has attracted the attention of scientists Primorye, and they have their own version of an unexpected migration, such as blue crab. Deputy Director General TINRO center Igor Melnikov explained that it may be connected with the fact that the border guards catch poachers and release the seized catch of this species in the sea.

Most are now close to the shore snow crab catches. This is surprising, because usually it is found at a depth of 70 meters, and it is now easy going for the bait. Most experienced fishermen are now forced to revise its long-term experience. Head of fishing enterprises Viktor Kozak confirmed: "It used to snow crab was not here at all."

Ten years in the fishing zone of Primorye crab fishing industry was strictly forbidden, allowed it only in 2010. Thanks to these measures, it was possible not only to save the crab from extinction, but also to help the development of certain types of extraordinary. "Increased average weight and size of snow crab. Overhang average individuals — approximately kilogram. That's good, "- emphasizes Igor Melnikov.

But there is another point of view. Crab — being incredibly voracious. I multiply excessively, it can disturb the ecological balance in places where smelt, herring, plaice. Migration paths crab colonies almost impossible to predict, and the old-timers worried: what if the onslaught of the crab fish goes from the coast of Vladivostok and the islands in the Gulf of Peter the Great.

Source: Lead

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