Irkutsk scientists are struggling with the mystery glowing water

June 14. Because of what the lights Baikal. The answer to this question is trying to find Irkutsk scientists. A simple glance is impossible to see. But the fact that the water is lit, Victor Dobrynin doubts. This unusual phenomenon researcher Irkutsk Technical University first discovered in the lake. Today, the object of study — the water Angara, which flows from the very clean and clear lakes on the planet.

— The main goal of our research is to determine the nature of the glow of the Baikal water. And as the Angara genetically derived from Lake Baikal, it is very easy to study — Angara water, — says a leading specialist of laser physics and nanotechnology Physical-Technical Institute Irkutsk Technical University Victor Dobrynin.

The opening of the Baikal was accidental, says Victor Dobrynin. In the 80 years of the Irkutsk State University researchers examined the extent to which sunlight penetrates deep into the lake. It turned out the limit — 450-500 meters. But another hit — an inexplicable glow of Baikal water. Almost 10 years Irkutsk physicist conducted observations, and then they stopped. Two years ago, Victor Dobrynin again took the decision of a scientific puzzle.

Studies show that almost any water is the source of light. But, for example, distilled weakly lit. The one on the tap quickly fades. And the most intense glow — in the lake. Here it may last a month.

To catch the eye of invisible light beams are used highly sensitive instruments that are specially created. In the laboratory, they are in the incubator. There also is placed and the water sample.

— On a computer screen displays the measurement mode in time. Each point — it's light intensity for one minute — says a leading specialist of laser physics and nanotechnology Physical-Technical Institute Irkutsk Technical University Victor Dobrynin.

Baikal Victor Dobrynin investigated at different points. It turned out — Sacred Lake shines everywhere. And the deeper, and there is the clearest water, the less intense. Why is this happening? One hypothesis — luminescence arises during the chemical reactions. Since dissolved oxygen is reacted with the organic impurities in water.

— In general, these studies are in the oceans. There's a completely different mechanism of luminescence. There are bacteria, some small living organisms have a sufficiently large background glow. Lake Baikal is no such mechanism. Therefore, there are several other mechanism. And it remains to examine, — says the head of Laser Physics and Nanotechnology Physical-Technical Institute Irkutsk Technical University Nikolai Ivanov.

In these studies — very promising, confident in the Irkutsk Technical University. Glow — a kind of indicator of the purity of water. Scientists suggest setting near the source of the Angara monitoring station. On-line from there to receive the data on the state of Lake Baikal.

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