It's hot in the south, it's hot in Yakutia …

June 16, 2013. The atmosphere of tropical origin, seized the southern European Russia, on Saturday helped to increase the heat to +33 … +38 ° and, as a consequence, the establishment in the region of a number of temperature records. Above all, the thermometer rose in Kalmykia (Yashkul +38,4 °, Justus +38,7 °), but that is where the heat of Records recorded and was not, in 2010, June 15, in the territory of the Republic of the steppe air temperature reached 40 ° C and above.

It should be noted that Yakutia slightly behind the Southern region. At the weather station Chumpuruk, located in a remote location in the south-west of Sakha, yesterday was fixed temperature +30,8 °. But this is 64 ° north latitude. (!)

Source: Meteovesti

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