It's time scientists set an example for reducing the "carbon footprint"

It's time scientists set an example for reducing the "carbon footprint" to save the planet

From November 28 to December 9, 2011 will be a meeting of politicians in Durban, South Africa, to discuss the program of action in the face of climate change, which are the result of human activity. However, all this is due to the scientists, who presented the problem of the public and people began to call on the world to develop "green" behavior.

Everyone knows what to do and how to reduce carbon emissions. In fact, it appears that not only is very difficult for people to change their behavior, but also to scientists. Everyone wants to see results without a personal contribution. For example, the use of air transport, necessary for the implementation of the Norwegian climate research institute, an annual "carbon footprint" of 4.5 tonnes. Compared with the public this trail is negligible, but any changes will not happen if only to talk about them.

Obviously, each leaves a "carbon footprint", depending on the type of activity. But just as science is to use modern technology to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. For example, holding some conferences can be done virtually. A positive example of changing attitudes and behavior towards the environment can serve Germany, one of the largest automobile manufacturers, which for the past 10 years there has been a significant reduction in car use by young people aged 19 to 30 years.

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