It Alexander Prohanova Forum Seliger 2013: Russian victory, she won!

Today, the world is a terrible, deadly clash of ideologies. Merciless. And this battle is accompanied by strike attack aircraft and aircraft carriers out of their bases to the sites of these ideological battles.

The Russian Constitution, adopted in 1993, the year I call it bloody constitution, because it was adopted on the bones of the tanks shot the Council House, it denies the right of Russia to have a constitution. It is said that the Russian — ideology-free country, ideology-free state. This is a tragic thesis, which appears in the end, will be revised, because ideology — is the mother of the state. The state, which has no ideology, it dies. His killing.

This Constitution was adopted at a time when Russia as the Soviet Union suffered a strategic defeat, and here, as the winner, it's a different state. This is another state would like us to have, our Russia was not ideology. This did not work.

More recently, the year and a half ago, Putin said that in this battle of ideologies that happens in the world, unfortunately, Russia has no place, because Russia has no ideology. Also, on another forum, he said that Russia undergoes a powerful ideological influence from the outside. At the same time, Russia has no impact counterattack, no antidote, no kontrideologii.

Therefore, it is urgent to establish as soon as possible Russian ideology. Sounds ambitious and, in general, is silly. Because ideology is not created for no green card-table, where throwing poker cards, or in the laboratory or in the intellectual centers or clubs. Ideology is created people in wars, in the great trials in captivity, in the disaster or in the great national dreams.

But still, before these people go through the crucible, through these tests … and our people in front of the huge test, huge challenges. This quiet, the beauty of Lake Seliger — this is the calm before the storm. Maybe you do not know that one of you prepare soldiers for future battles. God grant that the only ideological. I repeat that in order to create this ideology must be at least a very neat, elegant, gently suggest a few sketches, a few patterns, which will be built on these future ideologies. Need to break through the mountains of garbage, trash and all sorts of false promises that are heaped on the domestic Russian consciousness in 1991. Need to get through to those lurking codes that live in the depths of Russian history and in the depths of the Russian consciousness.

I repeat that these codes for twenty years were interrupted. They scrambled. Gaidar, once said that "we have to recode the people." And as a car thief with a chisel or interrupt poured serial numbers marked on the chassis, the engine, on the other elements of the machine. So here these chisels were trying to knock codes Russian consciousness.

What is this code? If you look at Russian history throughout its vast extent, we can see that the Russian history — this is a change of empires, it's imperial history. Russian historical tradition — it is a huge long sine, which for all these thousands of years changed the appearances of Russian civilization, moving or jumping, or flying and one empire to another.

Imperial Russian history is divided into four, and maybe five fragments …

The first piece of Russian history that many of these canonical, historians do not accept the historicity of the imperial period, however, it is the imperial period — Kievan Rus Novgorod, still pagan, even before baptism, and then in Baptism demonstrated its imperial character.

This is a huge space, populated by a huge number of people — the Slavs, ugrofinnov, Khazars, Vikings, Greeks. These people, these spaces are very difficult to interact, manage, create, and in the synthesis of the first Russian Empire were created stunning Russian phenomenon, a stunning beauty and value. That there are two of Sofia — Sofia Sofia Novgorod and Kiev? What is this [burning, 04:55] apse Kiev Sofia, like a golden egg, from which a meter is Orans. From this egg broke the first Orthodox Russian Empire.

And Yaroslav the Wise? A great creation? A iconography? And who came to Russia a great literacy? This empire fell and collapsed under the hooves of the Tatar cavalry, when all these great gains as a result of infighting, saying today's language — liberal in the process, when the game is free forces, denied the centralism of the Empire, when there was this turmoil, the empire became helpless, filled with internal contradiction. And it's easy to take this huge conglomerate, new, who appeared from the Asian imperial spaces entity, called the Golden Horde.

This empire was dead so it seemed after the Russian civilization is not reborn. After the Russian civilization was doomed. We should not have to be born. But a mysterious force that secret genius of the Russian state secret angel flew from Kiev to Vladimir-Suzdal, and then Moscow Russia.

The second Russian Empire, centralist, powerful, ambitious empire — is Muscovy with the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in Basil's Russian is an image of heaven, because those who built this stone icon in stone forms would portray this blooming garden of Eden, this blooming paradise flower divine. This empire existed for several centuries. At least two centuries. And in the depths of the empire, these masterpieces are born.

There was Rublev. In this Empire was one of the greatest Russian visionaries, philosophers Filofei elder who lived and lived in Pskov in the Holy Monastery Eliazarovsky and the current one still alive. This old man started the concept of "Moscow — the Third Rome." I repeat, this is a grand, still not fully meaningful concept that is still relevant today. This concept has both religious and social, and even socialist sense.

This empire has collapsed as a result of the troubled times. She collapsed as strong aftershocks that seemed to Russian civilization disappeared again before the end, she was no longer to recover, do not arise. Because walked over Russia at the time such terrible force that the centers of Russian civilization were destroyed, and the very essence of the imperial moved in the direction of Warsaw, in the direction of Krakow. There could be the capital of a future panel-Slavic, and may be a European empire.


But again, a miracle happened. Again came the phenomenon is not completely clear to historians. There was kontrprotsess and the place of the ashes, the place of the bones sprinkled with a huge cemetery, which lasted from the western borders to the Urals and beyond, perhaps even to the Pacific Ocean, a new empire — the Romanov empire, the empire of Peter, the empire Petersburg. Empire delicious, divine Russian culture — mighty handful, it's a terrific Russian music, which is just like the whole world culture-expanded, all Russian music. It showed the deep essence of the Russian soul, Russian consciousness, Russian space. This, of course, Pushkin.

In the center of the Romanov empire are, perhaps, not the shelf, although they are not great officials, the organizers of the earth, though they, too, stand, and is Pushkin. Pushkin, a Russian universe. Pushkin, a Russian Sun. Pushkin, who in the worst periods of our follow-up stories to save the fatherland, saved the Russian consciousness.

This empire existed 300 years. She won a great victory, join and increased its space. Toolkits equipped with technical, metaphysical, religious. And she's in February 1917 fell, collapsed just turned to dust. And once again again become as ashes from which the phoenix Russian civilization could arise. Again he was doomed to coexist.

And again, a miracle happened — there was Stalin, who tore his powerful hand of Russian civilization crumbling of the bloody strife of slaughter, from the huge apathy, of fatigue. He grabbed her and put the power in the legs, so that before the war she was able to create his weapon — a weapon of war, weapons technology, weapons are spiritual, ideological weapon. And the Stalinist empire, the fourth, was unusually in strength, beauty, cruelty and strangeness, mystery and universal humanity.

The meaning of this empire, apparently, was to win 1945. It may be that in order to win the victory of 1945 and were brought all these sacrifices. Or for general education or for free medicine, no, maybe, for the construction of roads, namely to win a metaphysical victory. Because in 1945 was won by either military, although the military, not geopolitical, although, of course, the geopolitical victory. There was won by the religious — the highest and most sublime victory. For in this time of cosmogony forces clashed.

Speaking the language is pathetic cosmic forces of darkness — fascism, and cosmic radiation energy of goodness — of the Soviet Union with his idea of an internal, deep immortality and the idea of divine justice. This battle cost the Soviet Union 30 million of his sons. Everyone says that this is an excessive price that victory must be achieved at the expense of the other. Maybe the price of the death of one soldier, and may be without any losses. But as the fight was not a military but cosmogony, the price we paid for this victory, I believe Christ price. It is commensurate with Christ's sacrifice.

When mankind 2000 years ago has come to a dead end, it had become a huge uproar. Humanity has turned into a huge crowd of evil, darkness, sodomy, abominations. Then God had no choice but to pay for the slaughter of himself, that is his son. And the victim of 1945 had been proportionate. Some scholars believe that it was in 1941-1945-m respectively held the second coming of Christ, that Christ was among us. Christ was at Stalingrad, near Moscow, near Berlin. It was a huge Christian time. While other theologians and other religious thinkers say that it was a godless, God-fighting age. This is not the case. It was an age of great spiritual and essentially Christian voltage.

But this fourth Stalin's empire collapsed in 1991. Many of those sitting here, and I'll remember that, as it did, as it turned to dust, the dust, dust, dander. It has evolved into nothing. Here come the winner, his enemy came here, and he did all that after 1991 the remainder of the Russian space was ever occupied. To give Russia, this space was not his real state, not their real patriotic leaders and leaders, not its real economy. That we have become not that a raw materials appendage, so we turned to the eternal, bendable, vile, helpless slave.

Everything that happened from 1991 to the present day — a painful and dramatic battle, the painful way out from under the occupation. It is said that during that time Russia was not counted nearly 10 million of its sons. Perhaps even more. I'm not talking about the 30 million Russian, who were kicked off its mainland Russia. I'm talking about those who are not born of those who died of hunger. I'm talking about those old men who were hung from boredom. Of those soldiers who saw the collapse of the army, put a bullet in the forehead. These victims should be regarded as a victim of the battlefield. They were fugitives from the field, they did not want to live in this monstrous that appeared after the 1991's, the occupied country. And they fought.

The fact that today we rip out of this captivity. The fact that we have a more and more freedom. The fact that we have virtually independent foreign policy. Not yet self-sufficient in economic policy, because the economic unit still pumping Russian money in U.S. securities. The fact that we have a consciousness of their own. What we are going to "Seliger" and we can talk about the homeland, we can say the word "Russian", "Russia", "empire". All this merit of those people who died. Glory to them!

And then came the time when the new government formed. After Yeltsin created a so-called Russian national state. There was a clear concept of imperial borderlands. Was the concept of liberation from this burden, the burden of Kazakhstan, of the burden of Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic States, to create a nation-state, which is dominated by 85% of the general Russian population. As a result, losing, though, with 30 million Russian remaining outside of mainland Russia, we have continued decay. Monstrous 90th, monstrous two Chechen wars, monstrous explosions of separatism, which has not yet been completed and did not finish. This is the result of thinking about Russia as a nation state.

In one of his pre-election articles devoted to national politics, Putin said that the idea of the nation-state has not taken place, that is, it failed. If the failed idea of the nation state, it means that — I contracting for it — the idea of imperial triumphs. Today's Russia, castrated, devoid of great spaces, devoid of the great communications outlets to the sea, the grand cities that were built by the efforts of the entire Soviet empire and the mainly Russian people, it is devoid of all this is an empire.

We live in the fifth empire. The problems of today's stories — is the fifth issue of the Russian Empire. Held the empire or will not take place? Will it continue to flow Russian history, reviving its space, enhancing your inner spiritual potential, or not? It is a question of existence of Russia, because the Russian empire or, or a conglomerate of small, insignificant margins and actors who fall prey to powerful ideological predators around us on the perimeter.

Thus, the first part of the sketch, the first constant, we are talking about — it's sketch, saying that Russian history and Russian statehood — is the imperial state, and no other, no matter how we want here confront the enemies of the concept.

The second constant. If you look at what lies in the depths of Russian individual consciousness in the depths of the Russian people: the poor or rich, old or young, or people already departed. If you clean up this huge pile of trash that each day is poured on the heads of our people through these monstrous TV channels, there is a surprising truth. Since ancient times — a pagan, since our fairy tales, Russian languished idea of absolute, divine justice. They were punished in their tales of scoundrels, rapists, incorrect kings, thieves. They gave praise to people just. And the highest injustice that existed and still exists in the world — is death.

Death — it is a great injustice, which is offered to man. And all this time, people put up with this injustice, preparing for death, ready to move into another being. But in fairy tales is the idea of immortality. Russian old man has dreamed of immortality, and immortality is brought closer through the water of life, through the resurrection of the dead, through the rejuvenating apples, immortality through a real person. This supreme justice wandered from one empire to another, from one historical era to another.

The elder Filofei, which I have already said, introduced the idea of "Moscow — the Third Rome." It was in fact not just an idea. He said that the sense of the state of Vasily III, grand prince is not to increase the treasury. Not to build a house and palaces. Not to create an army and increase the territory. Its meaning is to preserve the Orthodox faith. Orthodox faith not as a rite but as a triumph of heavenly dreams, heavenly ideals. Ideals that, in the end, be established on this sinful, mortal and scary land, breaking this death, overcoming the sin of this fall with luminous heights. That's what the old man said Filofei.

The same was said Patriarch Nikon in the XVII century, expecting that here, it is in Russia, the Moscow area, the new Jerusalem, which he had built — it was an amazing project, one of the most powerful projects, maybe the whole history of the world. What did the Nikon? He built near Moscow copy … no, that's wrong, wrong word. He built a likeness of the Holy Land. There's a new Jerusalem Monastery is Calvary, there Way of the Cross, there Tabor, is Jordan is the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre.

He believed that the Second Coming will be here, near Moscow, because Russia — God is a desirable country, Russia — the birthplace of the Virgin. Here, righteousness, justice here, here good. What's a Soviet system what Stalinism, if you close your eyes to his cruelty, his superhardness, his mobilization project, prompted by the horrific conditions in which the country has been put? It's the same dream about the eternal welfare, eternal justice, eternal values, which makes one person to another. Therefore, it is an idea not only of social justice and equity universe, the divine, which defines the relationship of man to man, man to the state of man to the machine, to nature, to flower, to the stars in the sky, the idea of divine justice lies in the depths of our consciousness .

We live now in a very unjust society. Maybe this is one of the most inequitable societies. And we all have to restore this code deep Russian soul and the Russian consciousness. Now a haven of justice is not a Parliament, not the courts, not the state institutions. The criterion of justice in today's Russia is the Russian literature, the great Russian culture, which is filled with all the longing for a higher divine justice. And, of course, the Orthodox Church, as if it did not attack, and what it would cost today is not carried, we can see its flaws. It was there, at the altar, lives eternal flame of divine justice, the essence of this paradise.

So I repeat, the second code, the second part of the Russian ideology, [unintelligible 21:45], is the ideology of universal, divine justice. This is an ideology that yearns for peace. World peels off the skin of this monstrous injustice, this liberal project that has plunged us into economic disaster, military, demographic and relief on the merits. The idea of justice is coming, and Russia, which at its historical path has undergone so many difficulties, so many tragedies, so much trouble, so much suffering, it will be on the forefront to offer the world the concept.

You sitting here, those who are inclined to philosophy, to those who are prone to ideological constructs to be drafted in clear words of the world the concept of global justice, the new structure, the new model, which seeks to mankind. And maybe in the world incomprehensible words, because things are subtle, complex, require a different vocabulary, the other arts.

Of course, all that I say, very approximately. It is very expressive. It is the fruit of my personal thoughts, but not only. Next to me are brilliant thinkers, the brilliant Russian philosophers. Some of them read you a lecture here — this is Andrei Ilyich FURSOV and Dugin and Maxim Shevchenko. It's all the people who work it on Russian ideology of today and tomorrow. This is a very bumpy ride. The highly ideology is only a religion, I tell you.

One day, Foreign Minister Lavrov during his very great fatigue assembled a panel at the Ministry. In this board were his ambassadors, members of its board, diplomats, old-diplomats. And he said: "My friends, in order to understand the world, you learn politics. But in order to understand the world, you need to study religion, "because at the basis of all earthly battles, disasters, ups and victories are metaphysical values. By substantially divine values.

If you understand these mysterious laws of Heaven, the mysterious laws of the empire, then you can understand, and this earthly reality. By the way, many people believe that Stalin understood this metaphysical reality and weight. It is through his insight, it is through his understanding he was able to jump on to beat these scoundrels such experienced politicians like Roosevelt, Churchill, not to mention Hitler.

Therefore, comparison of Russian ideology — it is a huge and very interesting urgent task. In the depths of this ideology, in addition to what I have said, is the concept of Russian wonder. Because all of these fall into the abyss, into black holes and climbing out of them, the transformation of Russian civilization, every time a new entity, rebuke it in new clothes, as it happens during the Easter service. During their priest enters the altar and puts on a scarlet, then white, then silver, then gold robe and pops up again in a new garb. Russian civilization and each time took on his new robe, his new attire.

However, the emergence of a new Russian civilization — is a mysterious process, obscure classical historians. This process associated with the Russian miracle. Therefore, the terminology of Russian miracle — it's part of a new Russian ideology. Of course, at the heart of all this is the religion of Russian victory, which, as everyone says, we still have to win. Russian victory, believe me, my friends, she won. Maybe it is not visible here, among the unjust courts, including the monstrous roads, including the atrocities of apathy among a large part of the people, but the Russian victory has come.

She also won it was won in the 20-ies in the face of the victory of 1945. People did not know that in 1945, the year will be defeated, but they dug canals, built aircraft engines, tested new tanks. Lined up a new ideology, have composed new songs and military marches. But already led them to win. Therefore the Russian victory of the XXI century and gained the victory leads us. She gathers us, it gives us the fall, she inspired us. Anything that creates a positive and beautiful in our days, it is the result of what we have in front of shining star Russian victory.

Thank you!

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