Its time to throw in Russia


Russian passports last year received 4503 Frenchman magazine writes Le Soir, citing figures from Eurostat.
Germans, Russians have become, were numbered 4191. Third place for Finns: Russian citizenship there were 1925 people. Slightly fewer people become holders of Russian passports in Italy: they changed their citizenship to a Russian was 1881 man … Link
According to Rosstat only in 2011 in Russia from Germany officially moved 4518 people, and for the first 10 months of 2012, 3945 people, or almost 400 per month Link


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The "brain drain" from Russia says a lot. Prominent media like the BBC hinted that Russia's youth on the run, that "the best and the brilliant" massively go West. A magazine The Economist did not hesitate to say that "the people" have become a major part of Russian exports, and told about the site, "It's time to throw", which offers instructions on how to emigrate. These are just some facts, but in general the idea that Russia is going through a devastating crisis of emigration, taken as a given in most of the Western media.

When I say that, according to official Russian statistics, emigration today is far less than 90 years, or even in the "good" days of the beginning of Putin's rule, many people are polite notice that emigration data from Rosstat not particularly inspire confidence ( and other rude saying that I must be very stupid or cowardly, even if able to prevent the emigration of Russian does not increase). And in some ways, even reasonable to think that emigration from Russia * should * grow. After all, is not that the people must be sick of it irresponsible political system and economic system riddled with corruption? Do people not want to go to the West, which is richer with better political structure, and the rule of law?

On the advice of a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Ben Judah, whom I have recently had a very interesting conversation on Twitter, I decided to make an attempt to delve into the data on immigration, on the basis of the common assumption that the receiving countries, keep track of them better than the country Falling away from them. And what do I find? Although the figures differ in magnitude from Rosstat figures, the overall trend is steadily declining emigration from Russia is exactly the same.

Here you see what happened to the emigration from Russia to Canada from 2002 to 2011, when a terrible Vladimir Putin attacked the democracy and the brightest young Russian fled. Keep in mind that Canada has suffered the global financial crisis better than almost any other developed countries:

Figure 1

And that's what happened with the Russian emigration to the United States — as the Russian took advantage of the best opportunities offered by the 'land of the free and home of the brave ":

Figure 2

Emigration from Russia to the United States decreased significantly, and is now an average of 80 percent less than in 1990.

But courtesy of the information provided by OECD — which happened when the Russian decided that it is better to continue living in the fast-developing and law-abiding Germany and South Korea:

Figure 3

Figure 4

There are a few countries, such as Spain, France and Italy, where the flow of people leaving Russia actually increased over the period from 2000 to 2010. However, these countries have never been a major destination for Russian and a significant reduction in the flow of moving to places such as the United States and Germany, much covers any such increase. Since the table of data on OECD countries more uniform, I decided to highlight the abovementioned countries mainly because for them there is data for all years with no exceptions for the period under review, and therefore these data are more reliable. But even if you just sum up all the lines, it is clear that the number of people leaving Russia peaked in 2002, then fell by about a third. * Maybe I have not the standards, but the 33% reduction in emigration from Russia does not seem Emigration to the epochal crisis.

Can the Russian emigration crisis threatened at some point in the future, maybe even closer? Certainly. It looks very plausible, especially because it crushed the country's austerity measures, such as Spain, they sell a permanent residence permit for everyone, if they have a sufficient amount of cash (if you are financially secured and can live off the accumulated funds in Spain actually a very attractive place of residence). But the stories about the rapidly emptying Russia en masse "exporting" their people to other, more democratic and law-abiding country, just do not like the truth on whose data nor see, emigration from Russia in the 2010s is much less than it was in 2000 's or 1990's.

I have not committed any inclination with respect to the information on migration trends, so if based on data for 2012 will be that emigration from Russia suddenly has grown, I shall simply take the facts into account. But before embarking on the discussion of "brain drain" from Russia, it is worth trying to make sure it is in reality. To date, emigration from Russia is smaller than at any time in the country's post-Soviet history.

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