Its time to throw? Sweden is waiting for you, revealing to you his strong arms. Letter from Stockholm

The queue at the soup kitchen for the homeless.  Stockholm March 25, 2012

The queue at the soup kitchen for the homeless. Stockholm March 25, 2012

Comment on article "Progress in Swedish"

Subscribing … to every word in the article can still add a lot of things about what outside Sweden are not even aware continuing to push out Sweden for some made-up first place in some fictional ratings, apparently someone inside or outside the country's best.

0. There is no presumption of innocence does not exist in Sweden. A person always has to prove that he is not a camel. The fact that a person can claim a camel any state. employee social. employee or a police officer.

1. All laws "rubber" in which to confuse the layman given many items of excluded something, the last of which is always the item "and in all other cases." Believe it or laugh, I have long ceased to laugh.

2. Any person / house / car can be searched without a warrant, and by anyone. Yes, in large letters on "all the fences," says "no one can be searched", followed by a list of exceptions to the last paragraph of which states "in other cases." Yes, it is written need a warrant, on the exclusion list, the last point "and in other cases of urgency." Yes. Only the police, on the list of "as well as security guards, as well as the terrorists" and the last item, "as well as ordinary citizens if the situation so requires," in which the citizen assumes that you are a criminal.

3. In the case of the police search for escaped prisoner has the right to include not only the home of the run, but also in the home of his relatives, as well as the homes of his friends, as well as all the other houses that are deemed necessary.

4. Any neponravilis "squirt" can be planted by the police at 8:00 in the camera-detoxification center regardless of whether he took any alcohol, no analysis is not done, then no appeal is not considered, the method is applied everywhere against everybody you dare argue with the police and aggravated "incorruptibility "Greenhorn having a career in the form of fearing to catch the real criminals

Anyone can be arrested for "identity checks" in perpetuity. A case where a man who refused to be named (in order to avoid punishment, the anonymous author can not judge) was 9 months in prison. Standard in cases of failure to report their data to the suspect is imprisonment without trial for a period corresponding to imprisonment for violation of articles of the law. That is, called himself — the court, prison. Do not call — a prison without trial.

5. No doctor ever came to the house, even to infants. "ER" is a visit to the queue of a certain level of Russian veterinary medicine man sitting a few Metro stops the frost from your home. Ambulance in the Russian sense, ambulance car, can be caused if a person "stops breathing", while waiting 2-3 hours to Stockholm (how many in the village hard to imagine, suffice it to say that from the "swine" flu have died in the country because of the "fast" was called in the morning but "no time" since arrived in the evening). Sense of "ambulance" no no because it comes on the driver and orderly, without drugs, purely for transport to the hospital where the patient will be put in place. In queues regularly die.

6. A visit to any doctor of 1000 rubles for me with honey. insurance and Swedish. citizenship. And for those who are in the country illegally, a visit to the doctor because free assistance have no right to refuse, and the money to take "no one to answer" when there is no address, no documents.

7. To the position of Bishop of the Diocese of Stockholm elected an open lesbian. Chairman of the Stockholm office vseshvedskoy Securing the rights of sexual minorities RFSL Anna Söderström noted in this connection: "The fact that people do not hide their sexual orientation, occupy prominent positions in society, helping to change the attitude to us all.

8. To the post of minister of integration, is responsible for the resettlement of Muslims and other Somalis among the Swedes, was chosen to come to Sweden in adolescence African. Now this alien is responsible for the education of children of Swedish and Swedish appointment of rectors in the Account. institutions.

9. There are no jury trials does not exist. The courts are identical to the Soviet Union and consist of a chairman and two other couples farts.

10. Any public servant, including not only the police but also the taxi drivers, throughout his life, even after retirement, can point the finger at anyone and say the words that he had received death threats. In 99% of cases, the state courts side with state employees, and no evidence of the courts are not required, the standard formulation in sentencing "there is no reason not to believe the accuser." Imprisonment for up to four years in prison, if you're lucky a fine of about a hundred thousand, a criminal record, the inability to find a job.

11. Stockholm subway rented the Chinese. Carry Swedes, Swedes go and meet the Chinese on a piece of paper. Therefore, when the metro is late or does not go for hours because of the snow that Swedes too lazy to clean up the winter to blame the Chinese.

12. Envy is an officially recognized national pride. Therefore, do not paint your own private houses in different colors, rather than a single color set for the entire street. It is also forbidden extensions extra balconies, pools and other "innovations" not like neighbors. Compliance with the following regular flying over the heads of helicopters and planes with photo and video cameras. Swedish Sami "villas" worth at least a million euros to Stockholm represent a shield birdhouses famous Russian cottagers called "outhouse." Space, housing prices are necessary to hold the Swedes in the state of slaves are obliged to give almost all his salary on mortgage interest as well as to a mysterious "rent" their same "bought" property until his death, after which the "property" often goes back to the bank as on amortering or have no money.

13. The country is officially recognized as the "friendly corruption" when nothing and nowhere is solved without Me, and to any post arranged only by relatives and friends. In general, it is natural for a country with a population of 9,000,000 which all resources are limited.

14. Sweden is the only country in the world where any contract or subscription including basic Internet access to an individual can not withdraw without penalty or several months' advance notice, "the state acts as a collector. Any overdue for a couple of days the account and even simple debt pal can be sent to the state that you **** a debtor zanesya it in all registers, denying the right to enter into any contract at all.

14. a. According to Swedish law, any bill or fine must be paid even if the first will be appealed if it is wrong. As a result, slaves Swedes pay all the bills, including a fake, and this is successfully used come in large numbers from all over the world and local cunning scammers.

15. Anyone who moved from Sweden must continue to pay taxes in Sweden has for a minimum of 5 years with all of their income at the new location, even if he paid local taxes. Any Swede is obliged to pay taxes in Sweden, not only for the sale or rental of any real property abroad, but also for the possession of them by the Swedish rate.

Those who came to power "capitalists" have begun to break the little good that was socialist in Sweden (removing social. Support, free training, unemployment benefits), leaving the control of the people and enhancing their robbing (as well as offering the rejection of neutrality and NATO) selling off reserves for commercial housing, in the best tradition of the Yeltsin era.

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