Jew Benjamin Freedman warns America: Jews can not be trusted!

Benjamin Fpidman, 1890-1984, was a businessman ppeuspevayuschim evpeyskim Hyu-Yopka, one-Quaternary owned all "Vudbepi Soap Company." Consistent opponent of Zionism. Gained entry into the higher layers evpeyskih opganizatsy. Was personally acquainted with Vudpo Wilson Fpanklinom Roosevelt, Joseph and John F. Kennedy. The following is an excerpt from the speech Fpidmana, ppoiznesennoy them on an impromptu sobpanii patriots pposhedshem in 1961 in "Uillapd Hotel" in Washington and ppezentovashey patpioticheskuyu newspaper Conde McKinley "Common Sense."

The Jews … are kept in the hands of their "common wealth." They'll powdered brains so that you will not be able to distinguish one concept from another. Any judge at a time when he holds it in front of the jury, said: "Gentlemen, you can ignore all the evidence of a witness in the case, if it can prove that at least one false readings." I do not know from what state you come, but in New York, a judge make just such a jury instruction — if the witness had lied in one place, all of his testimony invalid.

And what facts are known to us about the Jews? (I call them Jews, as they are known by this name. Myself do not call them Jews. I believe their so-called Jews, because I know who they really are.) Eastern European Jews (Ashkenazi — Ed.) Constituting 92% of the world population of those people who call themselves Jews, were originally Khazars. They were a warlike tribe who lived in the heart of Asia. They were so warlike that even the Asiatics felt the happiness that they were able to drive out of the Khazars in Eastern Europe. Recent established an extensive area of the Khazar Khanate 800,000 square meters. miles (about 1.3 million km2 — Ed.) … Khazar Khanate was the largest in Europe — so big and powerful that when the other monarchs went to war, the Khazars could give them a mercenary 40,000 soldiers. Such a huge and powerful was their state.

They were idolaters, that is incorrect. I will not go into details now their cult. It was their religion, that religion was also in many other pagans and barbarians, scattered around the world. Khazar Kagan is so strange to degeneration khanate that he decided to adopt a so-called monotheistic religion, either Christianity or Islam or religion known as Judaism, is actually a Talmudism. So, roll top and muttering like a little idiot, "ENI, Beni, slave," they showed to the world the so-called Judaism. He became the state religion. Kagan founded the Talmudic school in Pumbedite and Sura, nurtured thousands of rabbis, synagogues and schools opened, and his subjects are those we now call Jews. Among them there was no one who would have had ancestors who lived in the Holy Land, not only in the Old Testament, but the time of the coming of the Savior. None of them!

And in spite of this, they came and asked Christians to support their armed invasion and rebellion in Palestine, saying, "After all, you want to help God's chosen people to return to their Promised Land, in his ancient house, is not it? It is your Christian duty. We gave you one of our babies, which has become your Lord and Savior. Now you go to church on Sundays and worship a Jew, and we are also Jews. " But in fact they are — the pagan Khazars who were converted to another faith in the same way as, for example, the Irish. It would be strange to call the Irish "the people of the Holy Land," as known as "Arabs" 54 million Muslims in China. The Prophet Muhammad died in 620 A.D., since then 54 million Chinese people to Islam. Now imagine this: China, 2000 miles from Mecca to the birthplace of Muhammad. Imagine that the 54 million Chinese decided to call themselves "Arabs." You may say that they are fools, and anyone who believed in the fact that these 54 million Chinese people — the Arabs must be crazy. Yes, they accepted this religion, but its original media live in Mecca, in Arabia. The same situation is with the Irish. When they officially adopted Christianity, no one would never come to remove them from their homes, and to forward to the Holy Land. They did not become a peculiar people, though converted to Christianity.

The Khazars, these pagans, these Asiatics, this cross between Turkic and Finno-Ugric peoples, were the representatives of the Mongoloid race, migrated from Asia to Eastern Europe. Their governor received Talmudism, so they had no choice. This situation is comparable to the situation in Spain — if the king was Catholic, all one had to be Catholic, otherwise dissent expelled from Spain. So the Khazars were those we now call Jews. Now imagine how silly it was by the great Christian nations of the world to declare: "We're going to use our power and position for the return of God's chosen people to their ancient homeland — its Promised Land." Could there be another big lie? However, it is not surprising that you believe that lie. Because they control the newspapers, magazines, radio, television, book publishers, as they have ministers, politicians, acting on the "box" in your language. Would you believe that the black — it is white, if you frequently repeated it. Then you would not call black black more — you would have to call black white. And no one would dare accuse you of that.

This is — one of the greatest fraud in history. This — the basis of the puzzle faced by the world.

Did you know that the Jews do on the Day of Judgment, which in your opinion, is their holy day? I was one of them, so I know this firsthand. I came here not to engage in demagoguery, spreading idea of the tree. I came here in order to present the facts. When the Jews on the Day of Judgment come to the synagogue, where they read a prayer, and standing up. This is the only prayer while reading that a Jew supposed to stand. He repeats three times a short prayer, which is called "Kol Nidrei". It concludes with the Jewish God Almighty agreement that any oath, vow to anyone, any promise that a Jew will make over the next year will be invalid. The oath is not an oath, vow not to vow, promise not a promise. They will not have any power. Furthermore, the Talmud teaches us this: what would promise a vow or oath not to give a Jew, he must remember the prayer "Kol Nidrei", which he read on the Day of Judgment. And so it is exempt from their implementation. So how should you rely on their loyalty to you? You may as well have to rely on their loyalty, with what the Germans did in 1916, then we will suffer the same fate that befell Germany, and for the same reason. /

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