Jews and non-Jews can not have equal rights in Israel

Brigadier General Rafi Peretz

The chief rabbi of the Israeli army, Brigadier General Rafi Peretz believes that non-Jews in Israel should not have equal rights with Jews.

The rabbi says that the idea of equal rights for Jews and non-Jews in Israel, contrary to the principles of the Torah, and that government officials do not have the right to go against the teachings of the Torah.

This at a time when many researchers believe that the current Torah was distorted and does not contain the original teachings of the prophet Moses.

Peretz's racist conclusions were published in a book called "The Laws of Mezuzah" published by the IDF Rabbinate.

The authors of the book, which was recently extended to the Israeli military bases, are rabbis Captain Alexander Ronse, Captain Dov Berkowitz and Captain Ananias Saffron.

The book advocates the introduction of Mezuzah, which are fastened to the door jamb Jews on military bases as a sign of faith, and where it is said that the presence of non-Jews in the Israeli army can not be a reason for denying the use of the army Mezuzah.

Also, it says that even if a government property and is shared as a society largely Jewish, then as non-Jews did not purchase the assets, then do not have the right to state ownership.

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