Kerinci volcano began erupting on the Indonesian island of Sumatra

June 3, 2013. Highest on the Indonesian island of Sumatra Kerinci volcano began to erupt on Monday, the newspaper Jakarta Post.

"In our village, we heard a loud explosion and then saw the volcano emits plume of black smoke," — said Herman (Herman) — The nearby village headman Sungei-Rumpun.

According to him, the height of the column of volcanic emissions reached 600 meters and within a few hours of a number of villages on the slopes of Kerinci was covered with a thick layer of ash.

The height of the volcano — 3.8 kilometers. The last time it erupted in 2009, and increased activity in the last recorded in 2011.

The world's largest Indonesian archipelago — part of the so-called Pacific "Ring of Fire", a horseshoe-shaped band of volcanoes and tectonic faults up to 40,000 kilometers. In the region of Indonesia plates that form the bottom of the Indian and western Pacific oceans, go under Asian. Advancing to the last denser oceanic tectonic plate under enormous pressure down to the earth's mantle at a depth of about 100 kilometers beneath the surface begin to melt, leading to the emission of lava formed. Therefore, the length of the Indonesian part of the "Ring of Fire" (3000 218 km) are volcanoes: only active "fire mountain" in this country, there are about 130.

Source: RIA Novosti

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