KidZania city children


Kidzania project came up in Mexico. Once at the park, the child receives two things — a bracelet that identifies its location, and several kidzo — a small amount of local money, the other currency is invalid.


These kidzo anything is missing, what is the main idea of the park — to entertain, to make money. The child chooses who wants to become.

He is offered for about 90 professions, issue uniforms and sent for further training. For example, in order to become a local taxi driver or civilian pilot, you need to get right, but in order to work in a bank — at least be able to count to fifty.

In Kidzania have their own hospitals, schools, airports, TV stations, beauty salons, restaurants and shops. You can get anywhere, but salaries are all the same — 8 kidzo.

However, if you go to school and get a bachelor's degree, the salary will increase by as much as 15 kidzo. Change jobs in Kidzania easier — just go up to the supervisor, said to be tired of the police and immediately get a place at a petrol station.


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