Knights of the New World

Columbus ordered all residents over the age of 14 every three months to take the Spanish thimble of golden sand, or 25 pounds of cotton (in areas where gold was not). Have fulfilled the quota was hung on the neck of a copper medal with the date of receipt of the last tribute. Badge give the holder the right to three months of life.

Twelfth October 1492 The Spaniards set foot on the land of the New World. The turning point in the history of mankind: the meeting of two worlds.

Caught without it or with an expired token cut off both hands, hung them on the neck of the victim and sent her to die in her village. Columbus before the slave trade along the West African coast, apparently adopted this form of execution from Arab slave traders. During the governorship of Columbus at Hispaniola only way to have killed 10,000 Indians.

Since then, the Native Americans began to take up the values of European culture

Run the quota was virtually impossible. The locals had to give up growing food and all the other things, to dig gold. Famine. Weakened and demoralized, they became easy prey for diseases listed by the Spaniards. Such as influenza, which is included with the pigs Canar, which has delivered for Hispaniola on a second expedition of Columbus. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of thousands tainos died in the first pandemic of the American genocide. An eyewitness describes the huge piles of dead from the flu inhabitants of Hispaniola, of which there was none to bury them. The Indians tried to escape into the wide world: through the whole island, in the mountains, even on other islands. But salvation was not anywhere. Mother killed their children before killing himself. Entire villages have resorted to mass suicide by throwing himself off cliffs or taking poison. But more are dying in the hands of the Spaniards.

In addition to the atrocities that could at least be explained by systematic rationality cannibalistic greed, genocide by Attila, and later included on the continent seemingly irrational, unjustified form of violence on a massive scale and pathological, sadistic forms. Contemporary sources describe Columbus as the Spanish colonists were hanged, grill on skewers, Indians burned at the stake. Children cut up to feed the dogs.

The execution of prisoners of Indians.

Interrogation under torture.

The goldfields. Those who are working, waiting for severe punishment.

Toasting on low heat.

Conscientious and handshakes

Barbara and civilize.

Conquistadors rod

Santiago — the patron of the conquistadors. The inscription on the engraving: "The Apostle Santiago protects Castilian and pursues the Indians."

Break and connection times

Winners and losers: the Indians are forced to work on the new masters.

Beasts of burden for the Spanish

The use of the Indians as porters

Since the time of the Conquest in the Spanish verb entered aperrear — give it to the dogs to the wolves. The Indians were afraid of dogs Forest horses, cannons and arquebuses.

Hernan Cortes Guatemoc attempts to find out where the Aztecs hid the gold.

The execution of Atahualpa

Pits with stakes, which strung Indians.

Those who dies, cut off the head. The story of the children being locked in houses and burned and slaughtered if they are too slow. Common is the cutting off of breasts in women and tying weights to their feet, before dumping them into a lake or lagoon. The story of babies torn from their mothers, killed and used as road signs. Fugitive or "wandering" Indians limbs hacked off and send in their villages and hung them on the neck severed hands and noses. The story of the "pregnant women, children and the elderly, which nalavlivayut as much as possible" and throw in special pits dug in the bottom of that sharp pins and "leave them there until the pit is full." And a lot, lot more then. "

Indians burned the houses.

As a result of the approximately 25 million people, who inhabited the Mexican kingdom at the time of arrival of conquistadors to 1595 remained alive only 1.3 million. The rest were mostly tortured in the mines and plantations of the "New Spain."

In the Andes, where swords and whips wielded gang Pizarro, to the end of the 16th century, the population has fallen from 14 million to less than 1 million. The reasons were the same as in Mexico and Central America. As he wrote in 1539 a Spaniard in Peru, "Indians are killed and completely destroyed … It is a cross pray to them for the sake of God was given food. But [the soldiers] are being killed all the lamas for anything more, for the manufacture of candles … The Indians do not leave anything on the crop, and since they have no livestock and no place to take it to them, they have only to die of hunger. "

Dogs eat the Indians.

Modern historians have come to the conclusion that in the Caribbean there was a whole network of "butchers", where the bodies of the Indians sold as dog food. Like everything else in the legacy of Columbus, cannibalism was developed on the mainland. A letter from one of the conquerors of the Inca empire, in which he writes: "… when I came back from Cartagena, I met a Portuguese named Martin Rocha. On the porch of his house hung chopped Indians to feed his dogs as if they were wild beasts … "(stanard, 88)

The Spaniard, feeding children hounds Indians.

In general, it was told to the American civilized Europeans barbarians "universal values" …

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