KOREA AND INDONESIA postpone the establishment of stealth fighter jets

KOREA AND INDONESIA postpone the establishment of stealth fighter jets
Ministry of Defense of South Korea and Indonesia have postponed implementation of a joint project to develop fighter KF-X/IF-X 18 months. On this, as reported by Defense Aerospace, said the official dealer of the Ministry of Defence Indonesia Pos Hutabarat (Pos Hutabarat). According to him, the delay in development of the aircraft using stealth technologies associated with political changes in South Korea, where at the end of February 2013 President replaced.
According Hutabarata, the brand new South Korean government to collect more disk imaging on a joint project to assure Parliament in its forthcoming implementation necessary. Other details regarding the delay in drafting a representative of the Indonesian defense ministry said. Given the postponement of the development of a new aircraft, work on joint Korean-Indonesian project will begin no earlier than June 2014.
Military research agency in South Korea and Indonesia Armaments Agency signed an agreement for the joint development of combat aircraft in April 2011. According to the preparatory assessment, investment in the project will be about 5 trillion won (4.6 billion dollars). In total, planned to build 250 aircraft, of which 50 — Indonesia will buy.
South Korea led the independent development of KF-X in 2001, but due to lack of technologies in the country decided to join forces with foreign firms. Indonesia and Korea include KF-X/IF-X to the fighters of the «4.5». According to the requirements of, combat aircraft such type have on their ability to outperform the fighter Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon, but concede the South American F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II.

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