Kreatif Romanian advertisers: Killed Stalin — saved a pedestrian


Intervyu with Silviu Nedelshi (Silviu Nedelschi) — creative director and specialist copywriting advertising agency Publicis in Bucharest, which carried out these layouts by request of the Advisory Centre for Victims of road accidents in Romania.

— How did you come up with the idea of making advertising moribund dictators? Tell us a little about the process of its creation.

The idea came from one of our staff when he was driving, and we started talking about how it must have been awful — to be responsible for an accident with fatalities. And the point is not to punish according to the law, which will be followed, but the fact that the victim is totally innocent.

Chances are that under the wheels of a car can cater to regular pedestrian — a child, a woman or just tired passer-by, trudging home to the children — are very high. And to blame for his death or injury the driver will have to live all my life, and it's the most important thing to be afraid when you're behind the wheel.

And then we started thinking how to convey this simple message advertising means. It turned out that it's easier to go from the back to show how a driver knocks order for whose death he will not feel so guilty. It remains to understand who it could be. Probably the biggest villain on earth — the embodiment of evil. Of course, we are at once reminded of the dictators, because their bill two ways about it. Then we realized how effectively will look posters of this advertisement, which they will produce a strong impression.

— What kind of reaction you'd expect, and what eventually happened? What is the degree of aggression in the audience? Do you have problems with the Stalinists?

We realized that our idea is quite controversial and, at the same time catchy and well-remembered. It is and should be a good advertisement. But, to be honest, we did not expect such a viral effect — it has seen a lot more people than we originally thought. Reviews come from wherever possible. For example, a guy from Syria sent our same layout, just as it brought down the dictator was portrayed by the current governor of Syria (Bashar al-Assad — PublicPost). So we realized that our advertising is also a political response. And it is for us the greatest praise.

There was another case: the site where put our advertising, one person left a comment that Stalin was in fact innocent. There is no doubt that the commentator does not understand the history. However, this comment was perhaps the most aggressive. The fact that our advertising has become a political satire — this is great, but it's important to her audience did not forget why it was created.

— You did it achieve the desired result of advertising?

I think we have achieved even more. Viral advertising has made our recognizable almost everywhere, so it will affect not only the Romanian drivers. On the Russian, for example, too. The thing is that it completely universal message across.

— What were your inspirations?

Rather, in the niche of social advertising about safe driving, this approach has not been used. And it seems to us quite effective even to reach out to the most notorious cynics. With this move we make a compliment drivers — their intellectual level, their erudition, we allow ourselves to use black humor, and do not go already beaten road, do not demonstrate, for example, the terrible images of catastrophes.

PublicPost recalls that dictators have used for promotional purposes: vreklame funds from constipation were forced to smile with the help of Photoshop, and campaign funds from the mosquito, where Stalin, Hitler and Osama Bin Laden turned into mosquitoes, accompanied by the slogan "End of terror!".

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