Largest DDoS-attack in history swept the world


Internet access speed has decreased in almost all countries due to unprecedented hacker attack. It is reported by The Telegraph.


Photo: © RT

The threat has found a company Spamhaus, which specializes in protection against spam. Computers have made this organization a "black list" of Dutch ISP CyberBunker, which the system Spamhaus considered dangerous. This fact is confirmed by the "Kaspersky Lab". However, the Dutch themselves all the accusations denied, stating that their company has also become a victim of hackers.

"Definitely this is the largest DDoS attack in the history of the Internet. Such actions can relate to virtual bullies any user. They just slow down the network altogether or make it inaccessible, "- said the expert of" Kaspersky Lab "Vitaly Kamlyuk.

DDoS-attack works as follows: for a specific purpose (internet service or resource) is sent to the mass of inquiries with which it obviously can not handle it. Because of network congestion resource automatically stops responding.

"Hacker attack damaged the world's largest network and Internet exchange point traffic. The number of infected web sites and networks in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. According to our data, the attackers damaged the whole world "- said Kamlyuk.

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